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  1. gearguard sensitivity

    Anyone notice the sensitivity went down a lot since first delivery? Mine was delivered in March. I'm not getting early footage anymore. and often the useful bit is cut in-between the 30sec clips. I hope there will be a sensitivity and clip time user adjustments in a future ota.
  2. Tire replacement cost at Rivian Service Center?

    Curious if anyone has had their tires replaced at the service center.
  3. Window Rolling Speeds

    I know most here complain the windows roll extremely slow, but after driving the loaner truck I've seen it have an average speed (only drivers side) you may see on other cars. Has anyone had Rivian fix this?
  4. Rear deck plastic warping?

    Anyone else seeing this? I've seen it on the loaner truck and mine. They reapplied adhesive but its still popping up. Same spot passenger side close to the rear headrest.
  5. Tire wear -- bad feathering on your tires?

    Anyone have bad feathering on their tire? Curious on what ride height they align at the factory. I've got 16k miles and the feathering is pretty bad across all 4 corners.
  6. Creaking door panels

    Does anyone else think their door panels creak a lot? Closing, resting knee, resting arm. It's all the doors.
  7. Owners w/ Highest Mileage Rivians So Far?

    How many miles have you driven in your R1T? I'm at 13k miles. March delivery.

    Check your tools for the spare tire, I found mine rubbing the inside of the wheels. I've got 10k miles and found the tools rubbing into the metal.
  9. Charging with a generator

    I tested using my HF 9000 watt (peak) generator with an adapter and it did not work. Even lowering the amps, the truck would not charge. The generator already has neutral and ground bonded together. Has anyone attempted this? Figured I would try it out now incase of a power outage later on.
  10. Owners: What are your biggest gripes so far?

    Mine -No homelink, I understand it will be added later via ota. -No good storage cubbies for sunglasses/garage clickers. -Drivers seat needs to go lower, at full down, it sits higher than the passenger side. Driving position is very upright. -Rear legroom, everyone talked how great it was with...
  11. Level 2 adapter suggestions?

    I need to get one for my office that will work both for tesla and r1t. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind carrying an adapter for the tesla.