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  1. Anyone else get 2023.6.5 software update?

    I got it today. I had issues with driver+ with lane lines disappearing and I noticed gearguard wasn't working at all. Hoping this update fixes it.
  2. Can anyone make a call using Alexa on their Rivian? Mine does not work even with the new software update version.

    works perfect for me, works better than other brand's incar calling. I like having alexa in the car, just wished there was youtube music /youtube/google maps.
  3. Software Version 2023.02.0 [beta] -- Improved EPA range, key fob firmware, new door ajar notification, steering improvement & more...

    The technician call that the soft reset because it's simply just resetting more things than the two outer buttons. They call a hard reset disconnecting the low voltage batteries in the front.
  4. Software Version 2023.02.0 [beta] -- Improved EPA range, key fob firmware, new door ajar notification, steering improvement & more...

    I did a soft reset using the hazard and left button but it still showing the same version I had before and update successful
  5. Anyone else get stuck in Park yesterday?

    mine did same today. and after leaving and coming back my 12v system died.
  6. gearguard sensitivity

    Anyone notice the sensitivity went down a lot since first delivery? Mine was delivered in March. I'm not getting early footage anymore. and often the useful bit is cut in-between the 30sec clips. I hope there will be a sensitivity and clip time user adjustments in a future ota.
  7. Lubed tonneaus - is yours still working?

    I lube mine weekly. but I also open daily. If I dont lube them, I noticed the motor appears to hit a "current limit" when getting close to closed and bounce back open halfway. It then forgets the close limit and never fully closes until I lube and calibrate the cover.
  8. 2022.43.0 Software Version Released -- Update Details / Release Notes

    PAK works wayyy better for my pixel 6pro. But I think it's still too sensitive, and sometimes not sensitive enough (standing next to the door). Before it used to unlock/lock 20 feet away.
  9. Tire replacement cost at Rivian Service Center?

    Curious if anyone has had their tires replaced at the service center.
  10. Magnetic Tablet / iPad Holder Mounts installed: feedback, review, notes & photos

    Nice. I've been using a ram mount on the roof glass.
  11. R1T's Rear Window Shelf - Cheapness or Bad?

    :) Has anyone gotten it fixed? SC tried to reapply adhesive, but it's still lifting. Fwiw, the loaner has the same issue.
  12. Rear deck plastic warping?

    loaner had it in the same spot too.
  13. Window Rolling Speeds

    I know most here complain the windows roll extremely slow, but after driving the loaner truck I've seen it have an average speed (only drivers side) you may see on other cars. Has anyone had Rivian fix this?
  14. Rear deck plastic warping?

    Anyone else seeing this? I've seen it on the loaner truck and mine. They reapplied adhesive but its still popping up. Same spot passenger side close to the rear headrest.