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  1. Torch issues - help me troubleshoot

    My torch is not working well and I am not sure what to expect in terms of a good working torch. Initially when I received the truck the torch was working. I have to admit I never paid attention to how bright it is (or is not). After the novelty wore off I did not use it for a while. The other...
  2. Washington, D.C. SOLD

    Sorry, sold. New/unused cross bars. $450 Prefer local sale due to size & weight. I'm in Fairfax but we can figure out where to meet up.
  3. Woe be Gary

    Gary's been in my employment a few months now. I deem it prudent to share with you my observations of his work ethic. I find that Gary frequently and without warning take PTO. Surely we all need a reset from time to time? Normally after a quick reset Gary will get right back to work. But when...
  4. Charging with Tesla WC gen 3

    Anyone using a Tesla wall connector gen 3 to charge a rivian yet? I did a bit of searching and it looks like some are planning this setup. Just wondering if anyone have feedback to share yet.
  5. Tesla mobile connector charging

    Just for informational purposes wanted to report here; 3years ago when I got my model 3 SR+ I bought an additional mobile connector and rigged it as a home charging solution. Reason was that the max amps for the SR+ is 32 on level 2. So no reason to go more expensive. And back then I found the...