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  1. "How truck owners pull up to the pump." Including a Rivian 😆

    Of course not, you just took your jerry cans and walked to the gas station.
  2. Get your new Rivian sooner

    I bet the tonneau is working....
  3. Video: Rivian house power backup of critical loads WITHOUT waiting for bi-directional charging to be implemented by Rivian

    I would love to find the clown that wired my house. Actually 2 clowns: the first when the house was built and the second when the basement was finished. Does that make it a circus?
  4. Video: Rivian house power backup of critical loads WITHOUT waiting for bi-directional charging to be implemented by Rivian

    I was thinking about this exact setup recently. Thanks for the explanation! So your "10 critical loads" are all 110v? And less than 30amp. Is it possible to run 220v through the smart panel?
  5. Interesting questions or statements in parking lots about R1T or S

    Am I the only one getting a lot of people pronouncing it as "Riviaan" when they ask me about it?
  6. Plasti Dipped 21" Wheels in Brass Monkey color by HyperDip

    Whether you knew it or not, you are now in some great company: https://www.google.com/search?q=green+and+gold+springboks&oq=green+and+gold+springb&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0i22i30j0i390l4.22938j0j7&client=ms-android-google&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#sbfbu=1&pi=green%20and%20gold%20springboks
  7. New Temporary Rivian Service Center - Capitol Heights, MD

    I was told yesterday by mobile service that Gaithersburg will be open by end of this month. Take with grain of salt. Just passing along.
  8. I need community help on color choice🤔Update: El Cap for the win

    When I saw a GW IRL I thought the lack of contrast between the paint and the light bar made it look dull from the front. I've always been team El Cap but need to reconsider red too.
  9. 🚨Good News Cybertruck Fans! Tesla Claims It Can Pull “Near Infinite Mass”!!!🚨

    It's more like "kills 99.9% of all germs". "Sir, it kills all germs except the one you were hoping it would kill". So for "near infinite" the correct math would be; infinity - 0.1 You're welcome.
  10. Colorado Wtb 1 lug nut

    Mobile service. I lined it up with the recall. Yup, I did the same thing, exactly what you described. Have to say though, those lug nuts are very soft.
  11. Colorado Wtb 1 lug nut

    Ha! $5. Ask me how I know...
  12. Towing + Efficiency: Please post your experience!

    Thanks, it's surprising the drop in range with a flat trailer. I was hoping your control numbers were in higher temps
  13. Towing + Efficiency: Please post your experience!

    At what temperature is your control?
  14. Change Spotify user account (from previous owner)?

    On the Spotify interface, swipe the music card out of the way (to the right). Underneath it is a profile icon. Tap it. Then look for the "log out" button at the bottom of the profile screen.
  15. GRAND WAGONEER vs. R1S -- WHO Copied WHO? Jeep or Rivian?

    Judging by how much chrome is on wagoneer it must have been designed 8 years ago. Thus advantage Jeep......
  16. Does NOT Fit: LFOTPP Rivain R1T R1S Car Center Organizer

    Ain't no sanding that's gonna make that thing fit......
  17. Does NOT Fit: LFOTPP Rivain R1T R1S Car Center Organizer

    Ironically I received mine today after I ordered it in September. Piece of garage. Steer clear! No way it's coming out once it is in. So not going to bother.
  18. Torch issues - help me troubleshoot

    As a practice yes, but for one time I am more interested in fixing the core issue
  19. Torch issues - help me troubleshoot

    My torch is not working well and I am not sure what to expect in terms of a good working torch. Initially when I received the truck the torch was working. I have to admit I never paid attention to how bright it is (or is not). After the novelty wore off I did not use it for a while. The other...