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  1. What’s this vent for?

    And why is it only on the driver’s side? Note, this is directly in front of the driver’s side front mud flap.
  2. Finally... welcomed my Rivian Blue R1S beast after 1567 days!

    I waited 1567 days for this day! For those of you still waiting, I feel your pain... all I can say is that it's definitely worth the wait! I finally picked her up earlier today on a cloudy, wet, gloomy day. It literally rained all day, but I managed to take a short drive through the hills of...
  3. Invitations: Get up close with the R1S in Venice

    You’re invited to be among the first to see our all-electric SUV at the Venice Hub. Swing by to join in the festivities and get up close with the R1S. July 11-17, 2022 660 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Along with an opportunity to step inside the R1S and explore its features and design, you...
  4. Got some Rivian swag today

    So, I got a package from Rivian today... nope, not the keys to my R1S, unfortunately. But, it's a pretty cool MiiR water bottle and some miscellaneous things. I would've preferred that they didn't cancel my First Mile tour due to weather, but it was nice of them to send it. Anyone else get one?