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    How many Utahans out there?

    Who would have thought the Uthans thread is the first one to turn to Marg recipes. Love it.
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    How many Utahans out there?

    SLC here. I've ordered a LE R1S.
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    20" R1T All-Terrain wheels now an option for the R1S

    The R1S 20" option is free, and ugly IMO. This thread is about the R1T 20" wheel being available for the R1S.
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    20" R1T All-Terrain wheels now an option for the R1S

    Surprising on the LE the 22's are free and they want $1800 for the 20's... If that silliness doesn't change I'll keep the 22" option.
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    Thinking of Postponing / Canceling or selling reservation

    You're probably a ways out still from needing to choose. Just wait and see what the market is like. When you need to confirm you will know delivery timeline and what these are selling at. *IF* people are buying these for 10-20k over sticker there is nothing "douchey" about flipping it. As...
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    20" R1T All-Terrain wheels now an option for the R1S

    Awesome! those were my preference for the R1S for the M/S rated tires. Thanks for the heads up.
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    anyone else hate the 20" R1S wheels?

    I also really prefer the 20's from the R1T. Hopefully thats an alternative for the R1S. Right now I have my build equipped with the 22's, but living in the mountains would require a better tire option in the winter.
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    Potential place in production/delivery line!

    I'm optimistic for september. My R1S LE order number is 1,8XX. I'll be happy as long as I get it before the ski season starts. If it's ready August 1st I'll be excited.
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    20” All-Terrain or 22” Sport wheel upgrade included - Which is better 20 or 22

    I originally configured with the 22" option. I reserved an R1S, but I prefer the 20's on the R1T. If those are available for the R1S I'll do that. Those Perelli AT's are really good in the snow and not noticeably louder on the road.
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    How and where can I invest in Rivian Pre-IPO'S

    Spot on. We will see what happens. I've been historically very happy with the results of SPAC investments and am currently holding several without targets so I'm selfishly hoping for this route. Cheers
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    How and where can I invest in Rivian Pre-IPO'S

    Right! Keep in mind the SPAC also doesnt need to absorb the entire company. If Rivian is worth $25-50B a SPAC can participate in almost any series of group fundraising prior to the public offering.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    I cant imagine any company bringing a $80k~ automotive product to market with many issues from a user interface/experience/roadworthy perspective. This is going to be competitive with every other highline product from known manufacturers. I dont need to drive a Model X, Cayenne or a 700hp Land...
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    How and where can I invest in Rivian Pre-IPO'S

    A lot more companies are going public via SPAC's versus IPO's recently. These are more accessible to retail investors, but unpredictable regarding what company you may end up investing into. Lots of information online regarding how these work and the risk/return associated.
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    Financing options?

    Intentionally edited :lipssealed:
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Deposit date 11/27/2018 R1S #18XX
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    Financing options?

    I'm motivated to prefer leasing on this type of vehicle for a few reasons. Carry cost is less like you mentioned. It has less to do with affordability vs a mentality of not tying up funds/building equity in an asset that will grossly depreciate. Cars are falling into the old saying "If it...
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    Financing options?

    New here. I also was really hoping for a lease option. Trying to find a third party leasing company. If its not achievable then I'll still purchase.