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  1. sheydon

    New R1T video discovered w/ tow and frunk footage

    Anyone else notice that monster Rivian logo inside the Frunk lid? I hadn't noticed that before - but I'm also not paying as close attention as others on these boards 😮
  2. sheydon

    Regen Braking for Beginners.... I have questions

    Thank you all for the great information! :idea:
  3. sheydon

    Regen Braking for Beginners.... I have questions

    What a fabulous wealth of information collectively assembled on this forum. I'm new to EV vehicles. I've read a lot here, learned a lot. One thing I don't totally understand is regen braking. Sure I get the high-level - regen device slows the vehicle while also charging the batteries (do...
  4. sheydon

    Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    I certainly hope that's not true. From all the stories I've read, Tesla has adopted an approach to design and manufacturing that "figures things out" on the production / final assembly line - resulting in LOTS of quality issues - especially at startup with a new model or trim (as Elon himself...
  5. sheydon

    Did I read this right? Pre-orders to begin near Thanksgiving?

    I'm not so sure of that. With one of their largest investors located in Seattle, I have to assume they'll have a massive service center presence here. Not to mention Jeff B should be #1 on the LE delivery list :) I'm hoping the Amazon nexus here helps us secure an early place in the delivery...
  6. sheydon

    New Official Rivian Adventure Network and Charging Station Info

    Just finished going through this great thread. I was suprised to NOT see this information from the Rivian FAQ site as part of the newly-announced Experience information: What are charge station levels? Charging levels describe the rate at which you can charge your battery. These terms are...
  7. sheydon

    20" R1T All-Terrain wheels now an option for the R1S

    Thanks cohall. remind me which one was the original R1S option and which one was the R1T option?
  8. sheydon

    Vinyl Wrap Thoughts

    OK, all this wrap conversation motivated me to check out different wrap options. A thought and question for the group. As I was researching different options I came across "wood grained" wraps from Rvinyl: Do you suppose it would be possible to wrap...
  9. sheydon

    MT article comparing R1S vs. HumS vs. TesX

    Thank you skyote!!
  10. sheydon

    MT article comparing R1S vs. HumS vs. TesX

    Wow, that's new news to me. I guess I haven't been staying up on that. I was thinking of delaying my LE (especially if I can stay "priority") for a 400 mile range R1S. Didn't they initially announce 2 versions - 300 mile & 400 mile? I clearly missed all of this new information :(
  11. sheydon

    Dog accessories / features?

    Perhaps an air circulation system for the tunnel? Just kidding
  12. sheydon

    More Factory Expansion Plans

    This could be more capacity. It could also be about bringing parts / component production in house to reduce lead time of deliver in smaller lots. Toyota's NUMMI plant (in CA before it became Tesla) had a plastic plant on the property that produced bumpers and dash panels. The bumpers were...
  13. sheydon

    MT article comparing R1S vs. HumS vs. TesX

    Did I miss something? Max Pack won't be offered right away with LE - but will be an option in the future (2022?). Is that correct?
  14. sheydon

    220V vs 240V - need advice on new home build

    I read somewhere (I think it was an interview with RJ) where he said basic electrical engineering / battery laws dictate battery life..... something along the lines of "sure, you can pour a whole bunch of energy into a battery really, really fast. But you can only do that probably 10 or 20...
  15. sheydon

    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    I am too Rivianmd. So community, what do we need to know to get a V2H system? What charger? What special electrical panel equipment / requirements? etc...?
  16. sheydon

    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    So how much home 'utility' can be had off a fully charged Rivian? In other words, how long could I power my fridge or furnace? Thanks! - sheydon, who didn't even know this was possible :)
  17. sheydon

    Rivian Colors (idea for samples)

    New article in NYT on best colors for resale value. Synopsis = it's complicated. Beige on an S.U.V. Will Cost You, but for Pickups It’s Golden This little tidbit will make team-yellow fans happy: " Yet iSeeCars data shows yellow retained the most value over all. An overwhelming 30 percent of...
  18. sheydon

    WA bill to allow direct sales appears dead (again)

    With Amazon in our backyard - there should be a massive - or even several - service centers in Seattle. That's what I'm anticipating at least.
  19. sheydon

    Whats the R1T/R1S expected Reliability?

    I haven't read the story, but I could imagine companies / vehicles like Tesla having lower reliability scores and yet still have high satisfaction scores. With transformational products early users are typically SUPER enthusiastic with their new experience and thus tend to diminish issues. So...