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    Rivian RT1 / R1S will be delivered with 80-90% charge

    Just give us option to pick up the vehicle. They can even charge extra for factory pickup. I've driven by the factory multiple times and would love to see the inside in person. Also love the idea of being drive a car from mile 0. Bloomington/Normal has a great regional airport. Amtrak...
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    What Else Are You Considering?

    Unless something dramatic occurs (bankruptcy, HUGE spike in price, horrible performance at launch), we are all in on the R1S. We traded in the Minivan a couple weeks back and got a PHEV to tide us over until the R1S is ready and learning more about EV while having gas as backup. The next car...
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    Chicago Tribune Article With Great Factory Updates and Photos!

    Great for Central Illinois. Looking forward to visiting the plant to pick up the new Rivian.
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    Rivian Donates $500k for COVID testing.

    Great move on Rivian's part to invest in the area. As UoI has a strong engineering program, I suspect it does not hurt to be invested is a good source for future talent. The UI Covid test, which have worked well for the students and staff at UI who have been utilizing it since last summer...
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Prediction (and wishful thinking on my part), they'll announce a factory tour and pickup experience for free or some nominal "processing" cost.
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    Estimated time wait if ordering now?

    is the "chip" shortage or for that matter any of the supply chain disruptions due to COVID going to affect delivery date? After having waited almost 8 years for our Elio (at this point I think the $$$ is down the toliet) it always concerns me that the date could keep shifting to the right.
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    Who is Buying This Vehicle?

    My wife and I are looking at it like an electric Range Rover. It might be capable of going off road, but don't expect to ever go there.. We are getting it to replace our Odyssey minivan to be used to transport dogs, kids and grocery shopping. We have a diesel pickup that is and will continue...
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    Potential place in production/delivery line!

    Not lucky enough to be a LE reservation holder, but I think they should extend that option to the early adapters OR just add some premium charge to do the some Bloomington/Normal pick up experience that includes hotel, tour, pick up from the airport, etc.. I live 45 minutes away from the...
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    Who will get theirs first?

    Live 45 minutes from the factory so hope they allow factory pickup as it'll take me about 2 hours more of driving to pick up from their closest retail location in Chicago.