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    Potential EV Incentives

    I believe most people can modify contributions to taxes through HR - so essentially you could tell your HR department to not withhold any tax dollars. You would of course have to save a percentage of your earnings and pay all taxes at the end of the year, but this would ensure you owe at least...
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    Potential EV Incentives

    What if you’re not wealthy and just want to buy a Rivian? Putting a cap on the MSRP doesn’t incentivize ‘non-wealthy’ people to buy EV cars more it just means that more money will be available for ‘non-wealthy’ people to buy them. It’s all relative - if a person makes $60,000 a year and buys a...
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    Chase Auto Financing Rates now available for 2022 Rivian

    Awesome news. I’m going to go ahead and declare this the best post to date on this Forum, and probably any other. It’s getting real....
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    R1T and R1S sightings from the weekend

    Not the forests I go to. The sun really brightens it up.
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    R1T and R1S sightings from the weekend

    Do we think the last picture of the R1T is the Launch Edition green?
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    What We Do Not Know - Important Information Still Needed to Make an Informed Decision

    Service - Daily Drive Podcast did an interview with RJ on Nov. 10 and it was mentioned that Rivian will do all their own service. For minor issues they are planning for mobile service where a service agent will come to you Finance/Insurance - same podcast mentioned that Rivian will do it’s own...
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    Rivian Configurator is going live on 11/16!!!!

    Anyone know if it will include R1T and R1S?
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    Rivian Navigation

    I haven’t read the entire thread so apologies if it was mentioned, but Tesla is running a beta program right now that plans your charging stops for you. once you put your destination in the navigation system and start your trip it automatically shows all supercharges on your route and actually...