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    Jeff Bezos behind the wheel of an R1T in Blue Origin video

    If only one day I too could be rich enough to not need to wear a seat belt...
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    Does R1T 2nd Row fold?

    Thank you, I had missed that thread previously. It is very helpful. So it appears that some type of 60/40 folding is contemplated, but not one that ends in a "flat" load floor.
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    Does R1T 2nd Row fold?

    Yes, wondering about the R1T. I have personally not seen any pictures of them folded in anyways, so was wondering if anyone else had any intel...
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    Does R1T 2nd Row fold?

    Does the R1T 2nd row seating fold in any way. E.g., 60/40, Etc. as they do in many pickup trucks (to create a flat floor area...)? I tried searching bout could not find an answer.
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    New Official Rivian Adventure Network and Charging Station Info

    Made the attached with my crude editing skills to get a better sense of the RAN network relative to roads. Thought I'd share if others were interested as well. [Edit: the original image is larger and higher resolution than what seems to show up here. If someone knows how to share the larger...