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    When Did You Pre-Order?

    I suspect 3.0 seconds instead of 3.5 would make neither of us less giddy. But I suppose it is kind of fun knowing you have the faster one.
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    Rivian's first CTO leaves company

    I would love to work at a company like this. Scaringe is right in that most recent video. Some friction is good. I don't know much about Bell but Apple hasn't always been a meritocracy.
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    (Bed) size matters

    Dimensions are pretty similar to a modern Ford Ranger supercrew.
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    (Bed) size matters

    I suspect the main reasons you won't see a longer bed on this model/iteration are the transmission and the motor on each wheel software they're working on. The linked hydraulic/air suspension likely puts a lot of its action fore to aft. Supporting different distances between the wheels is a lot...
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    Rivian Eventual L3 and Data Gathering

    I think we'll see autonomous solved legally and technically, certainly on highways, within 10 years. Tesla is way over-promising if their cars can be tricked by projections on the road though. The car should kill auto the second sonar disagrees with visual. Not sure Elon's dislike of LIDAR...
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    Wait. GM Actually wanted Rivian to just give up their own EV plans? Why does this actually make me mad? LIke it's Fox messing up Firefly or something, only in this case it's just incredibly arrogant on top of aggressively incompetent. Good luck with that...
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    Which car rental to get an idea?

    I would actually totally dig that road trip with a 2001 Civic but time/job/wife don't permit.
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    Will range improve with time through software?

    I don't really have an idea of how long they've had to optimize their skateboard platform given how long Rivian was flying under the radar but it seems like Tesla has been getting improvements strictly from software tweaks every other year or so. Has anybody grilled an engineer at an event...
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    Which car rental to get an idea?

    We are. Rental's for the drive from Albuquerque. Also driving in NM is half the vacation
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    Which car rental to get an idea?

    I'm new to EVs and pickups. Which to rent for a five day trip in New Mexico? Pay out the butt for a 2014 Model S P85D or a really fancy looking Tacoma with short bed and crew cab (for like half a butt). The side factor is my wife who mostly wants something that sits higher than a Civic and like...
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    Rivian vs Tesla skateboard chassis

    Rivian's isn't just an air suspension. It's a linked air/hydraulic setup. Apparently similar to what McLarens have. It eliminates the need for rollbars among other things. I think handling and 1st gen reliability are two spots where Rivian definitely aims to outdo Tesla.
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    "GM sells Lordstown complex to electric-vehicle start-up ..."

    They're pretty low on show-me for the timeline they're asserting. Lordstown because it would take a miracle?
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    Lower than previously announced pricing coming according to Reuters (69k for mid range)!

    Alright so what is this "prices unveiled soon" business? Configurator maybe?
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    Lincoln SUV will be first First vehicle built on Rivian skateboard chassis

    The title of the post suggests Rivian will be building a Lincoln before they build an R1T.
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    Rivian Air Suspension

    It's not just air-suspension. Speculation is that it's like the hydraulic/air-combo system found, pretty much exclusively, on a lot of Mclarens. I don't think they'll be phoning it on the suspension. The CEO is an engineer. The more I've read and watched, the more I've been impressed by how...
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    Being able to at least to remove it when you have a cap over the bed makes sense in a lot of scenarios. But it doesn't have to be open/closeable for the duration of any given trip, IMO.
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    Size class, handling, price, launch date, and lavish attention to detail on the interior vs brutalist minimalism are all factors that I think are going to steer people one way or the other almost immediately.
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    Lower than previously announced pricing coming according to Reuters (69k for mid range)!

    I'd bet a few bucks on it being about the Model Y coming out way earlier than it was announced. There's not a lot of choices right now on the mid-upper-end. Waiting another year so I can spend another 2.5K for a metric butt-ton of awesome advantages over the Model Y feels a lot more reasonable...
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    I actually wonder whether many people who considered either of the two ever considered the other truck. The whole comparing R1T vs CT thing in the EV rags seems like a false dilemma to me and I'm not a hater of the CT. There's just some big fundamental differences.
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    So in Illinois, will R1T be Class B while R1S gets passenger plates?

    What could possibly be unsafe about a gigantic collection of batteries that can help propel a not-small-or-aerodynamic-car to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds under your feet; all of it managed by software auto-installed by over-the-air updates?