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  1. MoreTrout

    App 1.12.0 available

    Might be nice instead of digging through a couple of inches of snow and ice to find the button on the rail. Been there.
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    Interesting questions or statements in parking lots about R1T or S

    15 min for a couple hundred is exaggerating just a bit, but it isn't lying to say you can do a 500 mile trip with two 20 minute stops when you start at 300 miles with 100% and can add ~100 in 20 minutes pretty easily. I don't think I have ever done a 500 mile trip without sitting down to eat...
  3. MoreTrout

    Interesting questions or statements in parking lots about R1T or S

    Been spending a lot of time helping stock trout streams this month in Northern rural PA. I get a fair amount of interest, sometimes from those you least expect. Like others, I turn into what should be a paid salesman for Rivian, but they have no doubt I love my truck and it does everything I...
  4. MoreTrout

    Credit card with cashback bonus for EV charging?

    My NFCU Amex is 3% on gas, groceries, and restaurants. When I got the truck I sent a message asking if they planned to add EV charging. The reply was no, but it sounded like a great idea and they were going to forward it up. Crickets since.
  5. MoreTrout

    Rivian Charging Effectiveness and Range

    Don't forget to knock off another 10-30% of range with cold temperatures. I usually will get 1.9-2.0 mi/kWh on a 190 mile trip I do often with temps in the 20s-30s. Was getting 2.25-2.4 last summer and fall. A few days ago I charged on a 150 kW EA charger. Both 350 kW units were occupied...
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    A sweet spot for VINs on a used R1T?

    My VIN is low 9600s. Just passed 10k miles and really not a single major issue or complaint. One small panel misalignment with the trim under the rear driver side door, but not enough to bother a SC to fix. There was some thread I followed a few months ago discussing some issue people were...
  7. MoreTrout

    The best EA station in the U.S.???

    There is an EA station in a Walmart parking lot that is 116 miles from my house and 75 miles from camp, a route I take at least once and in season 2-3 times a month. While I don't have to stop, with EA's per min pricing it ends up being cheaper than my home utility rates of ~0.13 cents/kWh...
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    20k miles and 9 months in. Quick takes on my R1T.

    Nice summary. I just passed 10k miles. The only point I completely disagree with you on is the charging pad. Ours is fantastic for my Galaxy Note 8 and my wife's Galaxy 9. Easily connects 100% of the time and rarely slides off other than really aggressive turns. I've come to accept that...
  9. MoreTrout

    Charger kills wifi

    No issues for me. Wouldn't expect any at home with my Xfinity high speed service. But my Viasat satellite service I use at my camp is pretty crappy to begin with. Can't say I have noticed a difference there since I got my truck.
  10. MoreTrout

    Home Solar Battery and V2H

    My solar is Enphase with IQ8s and sunlight backup, so I can use any production the panels have even if the grid goes down without storage. Enphase announced their bidirectional EV product with a plan to release it in 2024. They are also due to release pricing and specs on their next gen home...
  11. MoreTrout

    Sandy Munro Reflects on 1 Year With the R1T

    As I have shared in other threads, the wireless charger was one of the biggest positive surprises when I got my truck. I knew it had one, just didn't expect it to be so good based on the constant griping here. I think it is just phone dependent, and good ones like mine are probably the...
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    Sandy Munro Reflects on 1 Year With the R1T

    How can someone that breaks down a vehicle to every last screw be completely clueless to the fact that the truck does come with a wireless charger?
  13. MoreTrout

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Based on numerous other threads and discussions on this topic, I'm fairly certain that is not true. The vehicle doesn't use grid power. It still drains the battery. Once it drops below a certain % of whatever target charge it is set to, then it will draw grid power to add that couple of %...
  14. MoreTrout

    What are you paying to charge your Rivian?

    I'm right around 10k miles. Utility rates at home and camp are a fraction over 0.13c/kWh. Home has solar, and up until Nov-Dec produced more than my home and vehicle consumption when there. The one EA charger I stop at between home and camp chargers per min. With the $4/mo pass, rates...
  15. MoreTrout

    Grayling Michigan 6 Station RAN now open

    Nice. Please let us know how long it sustained the 200+. Did it thermal throttle or hold it all the way to the first programmed drop off around 50-55%? Both of the YT gurus said that it was a truck issue and it wouldn't make any difference if it was a RAN station.
  16. MoreTrout

    🍁Canadian Rivian deliveries full steam ahead! AKA I HAVE AN R1T NOW!

    Very nice. Yes, the phone can be inconsistent. Most of the time the doors open pretty quickly, but then will leave you standing wondering when the heck it will unlock. I swear the lower the temps and having the wife at the passenger door asking you to unlock it increases the lag in...
  17. MoreTrout

    Windshield glass is trash

    Not going to bother to read through another 4 pages of an anecdotal experience. I have had multiple windshields crack in prior vehicles. My R1T's windshield has already taken several hard, one of them very hard, hits from rocks and not a single crack. Unless you are a Rivian engineer with...
  18. MoreTrout

    2023.2.3 software fixes trip total energy enabling accurate vampire drain calculation

    Man if you were only getting 1.6kWh of drain a day WITH gear guard on you are extremely lucky or the update really improved things. I was averaging at least double that and never use gear guard. Just got the update a couple of days ago and haven't looked that closely. But I charged to...
  19. MoreTrout

    350KW EVGO charger maxed at 70KW and is my only option, any idea why? Rivian no help.

    Most likely the cold temps. I have been to one EVGO station near my father's house a couple of times with no issues. One was on Xmas morning when temps were <0 and the truck had been outside all night, so took about 20-30 min to get above 20 kW then IIRC got around 120 max. On the same...
  20. MoreTrout

    [EVENT]: Feb 10th Trekking thru Green Ridge State Forest (MD/DC/WV/PA)

    I seriously wanted to go to this. Looking forward to some pictures. Unfortunately my appendix and I had a little disagreement this week and my surgeon and I decided it was time for him to move out yesterday.