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  1. R1S w/ 22" Wheels - Short Driving Impression

    Just drove it for the first time. Drove it in all around, standard height and soft, and in sports set to lowest height with both soft and hard settings. Both modes in regen normal (which is petty strong) Accelerator (Go) pedal is heavy, and the steering wheel feedback is quite light creating...
  2. Tata Introduces Sierra eSUV - 2025 R2s Alternative

    The vehicle is near production ready according to the insideEV story. https://insideevs.com/news/631418/tata-sierra-ev-concept-previews-compact-adventure-suv-due-in-2025/
  3. HOA Threatens to Fine R1T Owner for Parking on His Own Driveway

    You simply cannot make this stuff up. Overreaching, outdated HOA needing to control people are just so ridiculous. Most of the HOA board members are retired control freaks that hate any change or to stay current - all under the cover of "protecting the real estate value"...
  4. Rivian Suspension Upgrade Coming...?

    Tenneco to Supply Intelligent Suspension, Anti-Vibration Performance Materials Solutions For Rivian R1T and R1S Electric Vehicles...
  5. VIN Over 10K - Any Issues Like Early VINs?

    Many reports of (early VIN) issues such as: - Died - Battery needs attention - Fit and finish (e.g., excessive panel gaps, tiger stripes pain job) - Uneven or troubled air suspension needing attention - Others Much of these things are signed of early production issues. As production matures...
  6. How Ford’s F-150 Lightning stacks up against Rivian and Hummer electric pickups

    https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/11/f-150-rivian-hummer-how-electric-pickups-stack-up.html Its CNBC review.
  7. Recurrent - EV Battery Insight Report

    Perhaps you may already know this website. Its a great source for finding out the condition of your batteries in the EV. https://www.recurrentauto.com The attached images are for my vehicle. it provides comparisons to the similar. The report is monthly and these are for April 2022. With...
  8. 2022 Annual Meeting Info

    Just in case you guys haven't seen this. https://assets.rivian.com/2md5qhoeajym/1JKjM25M5yVm6RLC96QkdO/53b532db599462abd3b4466fee7adec1/Rivian_-_2022_Proxy_Statement.pdf This is the proxy statement for the upcoming meeting on 6/6/22 all virtual.
  9. Extra "can of gas"... for EVs

    This little device coming soon will solve small issue. While its not significant amount of charge, it will give you a piece of mind in all those remote areas (or used as external power for other stuff). https://www.zipcharge.global
  10. Kia EV9 Starting at $50K in 2023

    The longer Rivian goes on without meaningful deliveries of R1S, the game gets more and more interesting for 3 row RUVs https://insideevs.com/news/581299/kia-ev9-coming-us-2023-50000-price/
  11. R1T to Death Valley... + CCS adapter by TeslaTap Mini

    You may already have seen this but just in case. Also in the video is Tesla home/destination charger to CCS adapter by TeslaTap Mini. It comes in 40, 60 and 80 amp models. Nice little adapter without the long gooseneck.
  12. RJ Scaringe to Participate in the Wolfe Research Virtual Global Auto 2-24-2022

    In case you're interested... Being that its within 2 weeks window, there is a quiet period so nothing material can be released but it may be interesting still. On Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 3:00 pm ET Rivian’s founder, Chairman and CEO RJ Scaringe will participate in a virtual fireside...
  13. Yet Another New Entrant - Thundertruck

    There are no shortage of new ev trucks.... https://thundertruck.co Oh yeah, lets have Batwing solar panels!
  14. "Is Rivian Stock A Buy Ahead Of Earnings Report Next Week?" IBD Report

    Detailed expectations for the first earnings report and background from IBD...
  15. Does R1S have rear roof flow control air channel like R1T?

    The rear roof spoiler on the R1T has two air channels to control the flow above and below the spoiler as the air flow pass by the end of the cab. The purpose if the channel is to reduce airflow separation effect aft of the rear cab as it transitions to the bed. The channel forces air to flow...