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  1. Batman

    Rivian Cargo Crossbars installed on LA Silver R1S roof + height measurements

    Yea for this reason I removed the crossbars from my order. Hoping Thule or Yakima come out with some that don't cause wind noise.
  2. Batman

    R1T D-Day (R1S as Far as the Eye Can See)

    Yea sucks no more Meridian. I'd like to get some kind of credit.......
  3. Batman

    From Guide to Delivery in 7 Days! My New R1S

    What was your pre-order date? Whats the interior color on yours?
  4. Batman

    Rivian Stock Really Costs 19 Cents. Investors Shouldn’t Forget Cash.

    I'm in the same boat but my avg is $23ish. I may buy more to avg down when this thing hits $9 😒
  5. Batman

    IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    It was an electronic signature that was done on 8/15/2022. There was no print, ink sign, mail back instructions.
  6. Batman

    IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    Yes I did. Ok I see what you are saying. Just print it out and sign it when filing. Got it, great! Thk you for breaking it down!!
  7. Batman

    IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    How do we retain with wet ink? It was all done over the cloud :).
  8. Batman

    IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    So just to dumb it down for me cause I'm a little slow. I signed the bidding contract last yr in July/Aug 2022, I don't rmr, it was whenever everyone else did. I will get my R1S in 2024. So I will be able to file(amend) for that $7500 through my past 2022 taxes? If this is the case, I...
  9. Batman

    Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    Tidal offers the highest bitrate but cost a fortune. $20/month, no thank you. Next highest bitrate offering I think is Amazon.
  10. Batman

    22s Bright to 22s Blacked Out Wheels in 5 Hours using vinyl decals

    Shweet. Just bookmarked this thread. $50 is better than $600+ for powder coating.
  11. Batman

    No tax credit for customers with binding contracts.

    I don't recall, did we pay anything extra when we signed the binding contract?
  12. Batman

    PSA! Rivian doesn't recommend using a Tesla adapter with Rivian Wall Charger... it melted my pin

    I'm planning ordering a Model Y LR after the dust settles in March on EV Tax credit. Will get their gen 3 wall charger and then remove the Rivian wall charger from my order. Don't think Tesla wall charger has any issue charging other vehicles with j1772 adapter......
  13. Batman

    After two and a half weeks with my R1S...

    With middle and back in place, is there wind noise?
  14. Batman

    Ocean Coast Interior: Cleaning soiled / dirty alcantara headliner

    Yea I wish they offered Black headliner with OC. It would actually make the interior pop more. I have an x5 with tan seats and black headliner, which works well.
  15. Batman

    Picked up my R1S Yesterday and I have zero complaints

    Give it a wk or two. When stuff starts rattling and you notice panel gaps, please report back. Having said that, can't wait to get mine :)
  16. Batman

    Rivian R1S gets Thule Motion XT XXl Roof Box installed

    That has to be causing wind noise. I think that should be 3-5 inches behind the front roof line. Like so:
  17. Batman

    Kia EV9 Specs are out

    They'll need to drop their price by $10k for all trims......