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  1. popoga

    Lynnwood RAN Status?

    I know there's a planned RAN site across from the Alderwood mall, and I could probably just roll over and scope it myself, but I was wondering if anyone else had been by recently. Latest I can find without leaving my chair is this...
  2. popoga

    Tesla Recalling 362,000 Cars With "Full Self Driving" System

    An interesting development. $TSLA seems largely unfazed for now. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/16/business/tesla-recall-full-self-driving.html
  3. popoga

    R1S Entry Removed from "Dougscore"?

    Hey all, I noticed that Mr Demuro's latest video, on the Mercedes-AMG G63 4xyadda blah blah, failed to benchmark that gorgeous anodized high-performance off-road SUV against at least 1 of its natural competitors: the R1S. Seems like a weird omission, since the R1T is still right there. So I...
  4. popoga

    Large item moving

    Hey folks, I'm going to be moving a few things that are too big to just fit right into the bed. Was wondering what configurations people had had success with in the past - one rack on the back of the roof (brace the top of large item) and one in the back of the bed? Roof on top + tiedown in...
  5. popoga

    Getting started with some mild offroading

    Hey folks, got my lovely R1T recently and am keen to try and find a few places to stretch my legs, make use of the AT tires, and get a little mud on the panels maybe. Not super familiar with the scene - I've looked at the suggestions in Alltrails and Trailsoffroad, but a lot of those are real...