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  1. popoga

    Competition News: 2024 Jeep Recon EV -- First Real Life Looks

    I too am all for someone - anyone - else buying this.
  2. popoga

    Nervous about Rivian purchase as date draws nearer

    Not much to add but I share a number of your concerns, took delivery anyway, and am super glad I did. Love my truck. You can't predict the future, so I figure just do what you want now and hope it works out/trust your future self to be capable of handling it. Good luck with the choices...
  3. popoga

    Non-streaming Music Sources?

    Pretty sure any Bluetooth connection is going to be gated near that as well, so it doesn't necessarily explain the BT > Spotify preference stated above. If you're looking for >320kbps (well, it's all VBR these days so who knows what you're getting, I guess) and want a FLAC source or whatever...
  4. popoga

    Non-streaming Music Sources?

    That's interesting, spotify for me has been fine to good. Do you have a compression setting ticked somewhere, maybe?
  5. popoga

    My Matte PPF Midnight Black R1T 🏁

    Not much to add, but badass looking truck man.
  6. popoga

    R1T vs Articulation Ramp

    The real downside to this is that you can't treat it like a standard offroader. I remember in the old Doug Demuro offroading video he event mentions how weird it is that you just put the petal down and this thing which should be prone to 0-60 in 3s instead starts to slowly climb over anything...
  7. popoga

    Interesting questions or statements in parking lots about R1T or S

    Mostly gotten "how do you like your rivian?" and I of course respond that I love it. As far out as places on the peninsula where you'd expect more of a gruff attitude, if not outright hate. Very pleasant interactions. Some stares and thumbs up, which is honestly kind of embarrassing.
  8. popoga

    opnwide's Frozen Silver Bullet R1S is here--Party in the Frunk! (w/ video of full size spare tire in cargo)

    Your Walmarts must be a mite bit scarier than mine :CWL:. I don't CC but that looks like a great setup; I often wonder what folks do for truck guns, and that makes sense. Shame they don't make em for my main driver (no, it's not a hi point). Awesome posts, glad you're enjoying the truck. 👍
  9. popoga

    Thousands of invites coming to R1T reservation holders to configure + take delivery in 1-4 months after order confirmation (3/10/23 News)

    Dang that's rough. I know some folks a little ways out in New Mexico who are 2020 preorders and nada, but you take the cake. Out of curiosity: would you be willing to go to in to a SC to pick it up?
  10. popoga

    New York 2022 R1T with 58 miles For Sale

    I offer $69000 lmk
  11. popoga

    My Rivian completely dead from ~40% vampire drain after a month long vacation

    I've heard that you can charge into the 12v system by removing the towing backplate and accessing the wires there (at least, on the T -- I assume the S has a similar to hookup). If I were you, I'd verify this (lol, seriously, due diligence, when messing with electronics, especially ones that...
  12. popoga

    Personal / Vanity Plates, Anyone?

    "TRD E8R" or "TRD EATR" or some analog: because my friends all have tacoma and 4runner TRDs, which this machine eats for breakfast. But also because it sounds like "turd eater", which is funny and self-deprecating and kind of a nod to the shit eating grin I get when driving it.
  13. popoga

    Scorpion AS+ tire swap (from 20" Scorpion AT) - WOW big difference

    There's another downside to the height mismatch, which is that the stitched-together camera views will be off, maybe just by a little bit. The car knows what heights it expects to be at, and that changes some angles, which in turn change how it presents the unified view. Maybe not a big deal...
  14. popoga

    [MKBHD] Charging a non-Tesla (Rivian) at a Tesla Supercharger!

    I just checked a few of the Superchargers in the PNW area and the pricing is *way* cheaper than some had led me to believe. 17c/kWh off peak, 27c/kWh mid, and a max of 32c/kWh at peak times. That's incredibly reasonable, and opening these up would really push some of the 'incumbents' (looking...
  15. popoga

    PPF question - spend $7k to put a clear PPF on $80k vehicle?

    I've never done it before, but have always bought cheap, generally used cars, and used them pretty hard. This is my first 'nice' vehicle, and I don't want it to get as fucked up as some of the other cars I've owned, even though I want to be able to push it in the same way (or harder, given the...
  16. popoga

    Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    Existing Spotify user, so I just kept at it with that. Wish I had voice interaction but tapping is okay when I feel confident enough in the Driver+ to look away.
  17. popoga

    First Tesla Supercharger with "Magic Dock" CCS adapter successfully charged a R1T. This is fantastic!

    Weird post but ok. Obviously I prefer cheaper stuff where available, and in the same post said I'd be willing to pay more than the 40c price for speed or reliability, which EA has been pretty bad at in my experience.