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  1. Rivian Driver+ is dangerous and unpredictable

    I took rivian for long road trip (WI to NOLA) and on multiple (minimum 3+) occasion, driver+ disengaged for various reason (lines are not clear, cameras are blurry) at highway speed and ask to take over without any prior warning!!!!!! It was very unsafe (sudden breaking from 80 to 60 or 50 mph)...
  2. 21’ tire failed or something else !

    Anyone has any experience working with Rivian on tire replacement ? One of the tire failed today (or something else - doesn’t look like nail.) and I was safely able to drive 40 miles to home before tire pressure drop below 38 psi. Rivian gave me service center appointment to replace tire 5...
  3. Hummer broke down

    Terrible -
  4. R1T / RB / OC / 21” is happening! 8 step process opened up

    Long time reader here without a post however finally 8 step process opened up. This forum is amazing…. R1T Order Date: 9/21 Location: Chicago VIN: 119XX (RB / OC / 21”) Step 7 Completed => 9/15 Step 8 opened => 9/20 Home Delivery Schedule => 9/23