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  1. kizamybute'

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Surprised to see so many complaints from the Rivian crowd over timing. Most of us waited YEARS to get the truck. A few months for parts should be nothing to you. Naturally, they want to sell as many as they can and as quickly as they can. That's how they make money. But, it takes time...
  2. kizamybute'

    Wheel spacers for OEM wheels

    I had 5mm spacers on my 21 inch wheels / tires. Barely noticed any different. Unfortunately, can't safely go much more than that.
  3. kizamybute'

    DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    Don't think the gear tunnel would be a problem. Just need to find one with appropriate dimensions to stretch from the cab to the tail gate. Good thing about vinyl (referring to soft vinyl that can be rolled or folded up) is it doesn't have to be exact. You'll have flexibility on where to put the...
  4. kizamybute'

    DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    Way back in the day, I remember just having a vinyl tonneau cover that attached via velcro on a Toyota truck. Would imagine the same could be simply done for the Rivian. I would put down some clear PPF around the edge of the bed, the put the stick on Velcro on the PPF so it's easy to remove...
  5. kizamybute'

    1ev running boards or sliders?

    I'm happy with them. They reduced the size of the star logos and the number of them. No issues with debris coming through. Have had them on for a few weeks now. Thankful to have them. Photos of my truck here...
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    1ev running boards or sliders?

    Not unless you're getting on the floor a lot and looking at the under carriage. Can't see the plastic from anywhere but the floor once the running boards are installed. Just read from EV1 that sliders are more than TWO TIMES the weight of the running boards. If you have no need for them...
  7. kizamybute'

    Extreme uneven tire wear after 7,000 miles

    Would appear that you run your truck in the low suspension setting quite often. That will do it. Same issues with Tesla's. Car lowers, camber increases and inner edge wears quickly. I turned off auto-lowering as the minimal gain in range I might get is lost quickly in the added wear to the...
  8. kizamybute'

    JEBINC’s “Welting Mod,” for the EV Sportline / 1EV Running Boards – “Oh Yeah!”

    For me, the only reason I could see would be for someone's personal preference of adding some color to it. Not my cup of tea, but can see where might like that option. I'm certainly not concerned with injuries as a result of the very low lip. Not big enough to stub a toe on. It's there for feet...
  9. kizamybute'

    Anyone else get 2023.6.5 software update?

    Just went out and checked the truck and it was there. For whatever reason, the last 2-3 updates, I'm not getting notifications from the app when they come in. Only see it when I specifically go and look for it. Just updated. More of a fix than an update. Used to get a bunch of these with Tesla.
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    How low can RIVN stock go?

    Early adopters and investors in TSLA got rich. Same in Rivian got sent to the poor house. Been a very sad ride. Much of it just due to the market conditions that exist today, but much of it was self-inflicted by poor communication from Rivian's executives. Will it ever see $200 again? Maybe in...
  11. kizamybute'

    500 mile winter road trip

    1.88 mi/kwh is pretty good for temps under 30 degrees. You say you could have stopped only once, but doing it the way you did it removed any stress as you likely would have had some if trying to stretch it the entire distance as you would have been tight making it. At 54 MPH, that's nearly 5...
  12. kizamybute'

    PPF question - spend $7k to put a clear PPF on $80k vehicle?

    Wow, that's a LONG time for them to ask you to be without your truck. I'd definitely do some shopping around. I don't personally know where Mountain View, CA, but appears to be bay area? Would assume there are plenty of options. In addition to the cost, no way in heck I'd be giving up my truck...
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    Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    This article I just found this morning pretty much restates exactly what I said. I truly hope Amazon cares more about their investment than pride. If so, there's no reason they shouldn't let Rivian out of the exclusivity agreement. It will be a huge benefit to Rivian, investors and to Amazon's...
  14. kizamybute'

    Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    I don't know exactly what the "contract" reads. Only that Amazon agreed to purchase 100,000 delivery vans over the next 10 years. I do believe, that was in a "contract". They had an exclusivity contract that Rivian couldn't sell to others. Can't imagine, even in the worst logic possible, that...
  15. kizamybute'

    Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    With regard to the stock price, just another example of a poorly released statement that adversely impacts investors. Technically, NOTHING changed, but the way it was perceived is as if Amazon is backing away, hence investors being worried and backing away. When in reality, the only news was...
  16. kizamybute'

    Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    If they can make them with a legit 300+ miles in range, the conversion market would be huge. Think Mercedes Sprinter Van. These could be people movers. Class B RV conversions. Not to mention the thousands of other companies that use delivery vans that could switch over. For delivery service...
  17. kizamybute'

    Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    This would be great news. But, they'd have to increase the range of the Vans if selling to the public. Maybe not if selling just to other delivery service companies. But, these vans would have so much use in other fields if they had more than 125 miles in range. Could be a huge market for them.
  18. kizamybute'

    Blacking out lower front and rear trim?

    Maybe, that plasti-dip stuff would work? If you screw it up, can be peeled off. I've never used it personally, but know that people use it on wheels pretty regularly. Just a thought. I'm with Twraps on this one, would be a royal PITA to try and do it yourself. Although, it is down low, so if...
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    JEBINC’s Review and Installation of the EV Sportline / 1EV / RMaxx Running Boards – Including Lessons Learned, Tips and Sealing of 4” hole procedure!

    Glad you finally received yours and appear to be happy with them. I remember mentioning tape as a possible solution. Looks like that may be a viable one. I've been handicapped with one hand here for the past month so haven't been able to do anything with mine yet. Thanks for post. I have the 4...
  20. kizamybute'

    PPF question - spend $7k to put a clear PPF on $80k vehicle?

    Sorry, I don't remember. I called a few places in the Los Angeles area to get quotes. Most said they needed it for a day or two. The difference likely being if they are going to devote 100% of the time to your truck while it's there or have other projects going on at the same time which could...