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  1. Court hears Buick dealer bid to kill Rivian service center

    Do those states have ballot initiatives like in CA? That would be the way to overturn those shitty dealership laws.
  2. Introducing the first Rivian specific bottle jack! Team 1EV 6 Ton Bottle Jack Kit for R1T / R1S

    Just ordered mine. Hoping to get it in time for a trip in June
  3. Mississippi chooses franchise model over EV-company stores

    Dealers are one way for states to capture a portion of the sales $. Agree that dealership model makes no sense but it won't disappear without a fight.
  4. My Rivian completely dead from ~40% vampire drain after a month long vacation

    You would think that mobile service could come in to change batteries
  5. Interesting questions or statements in parking lots about R1T or S

    SF bay area: all I get is "how do you like it?". I even had someone waive at me so that she could ask is when we rolled down the window.
  6. Version 2023.06.05 Hotfix for Driver+ Front Camera

    Drive 500 miles over the weekend and it was unsettling. Driver+ would give up in the weirdest places out of nowhere. Not confidence inspiring. Quite a ways to catch up to Tesla in that front
  7. Version 2023.06.05 Hotfix for Driver+ Front Camera

    Does it fix random disengagements?
  8. I sure hope Rivian doesn’t have funds in Silicon Valley Bank

    I am betting on a larger bank buying SVb for peanuts. Bank is embedded in Silicon Valley tech companies like no others
  9. Adam Jonas (Morgan Stanley): Cybertruck could end up just being a ‘side-show’

    Reality is that it will come down to value. If underpricing competitors and ramping production quickly, it will be a hit.
  10. Cybertruck Latest "Beta" Prototype gets up close look inside and out at Tesla Investor Day

    I have a R1T and also a 2nd day CT reservation. Don't know what I will do when my number comes up, probably sometime in 2024
  11. Used R1T just sold at lowest auction price so far on Cars and Bids

    3/Y gold their value pretty well, unless bought last year, but 2018 model 3 are still selling for low mid 30s.
  12. Cybertruck Latest "Beta" Prototype gets up close look inside and out at Tesla Investor Day

    Fact is that if CT provides good specs/price ratio, it will sell like hot cakes. I think that there is room for everyone at this point. Rivian gonna make 50k trucks this year, Tesla probably less, Ford not sure (less than 100k?). At any rate, demand will far outstrip supply in 2023. 2024, who...
  13. Kia EV9 Specs are out

    320 miles for R1S vs. 240 miles for EV9 with twice the horsepower and no dealer BS. Totally justifies the price delta and then some. Underwhelming specs.
  14. Model X vs R1S

    2019 X and 2022 R1T owner. We love both, but for different reasons. My wife loves her X. She's short and the ability to close doors from the screen is a big plus. Seats in the X are really comfy, more so than the Rivian. r1T seats are nicer but a bit too firm to my taste. Definitely a...
  15. Dash Cam coming soon in OTA Update! - Per RJ

    Dashcams are awesome. There is a crazy amount of liars out there.
  16. Tesla to open 20% of US Superchargers to all EVs by end of 2024, qualifying company for share of billions in federal dollars

    Tesla has also 75% if the EV market. More fast chargers is better in my book. If one wants access to all Tesla SC, one should buy a Tesla. In the long run, all SCs will open up, but that's years down the road. Between the RAN network, uptime requirements from the Feds, and new Tesla SCs, there...