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  1. Lysdexic

    LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    Are they the perfect wheel - no. I originally selected the black 20’s but that didn’t work out. If you are going to stick with the 21’s then powder coating would be worth it. For me, I will probably switch. So the TWraps are a good solution for now.
  2. Lysdexic

    8 Rivian Chargers being installed in Huntersville NC!

    Right? I do find it odd, even disingenuous, to place 8 RAN chargers smack dab in upper middle class suburbia. However, they serving their targeted market -REI customers. Any chargers are better than none. Many R1s will transverse this ground at the intersection of I85 and I77 on long trips...
  3. Lysdexic

    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Ha. Me too. My JKU hard rock is getting detailed today and prepped for sale. Lots of people say they are interested but we’ll see. The wife won’t let me sell her 04 TJ. Guess you have to keep one in the family.
  4. Lysdexic

    What do you do for a living?

    Same but Davidson undergrad
  5. Lysdexic

    What do you do for a living?

    Bowman Gray alum?
  6. Lysdexic

    LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    Isn’t it a gorgeous machine? I love, love mine.
  7. Lysdexic

    8 Rivian Chargers being installed in Huntersville NC!

    One of the guys I work with son recently got an internship with Rivian. He just texted me to say that that 8 Rivian chargers are being installed at the REI in Huntersville. This is only 5 miles from the house.
  8. Lysdexic

    Coming to Electruck4x4.com in 2023...

    This is the one accessory on my old Tundra that I sorely miss. It’s invaluable on a short bed truck.
  9. Lysdexic

    LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    Also, like many, I started my conversation with the installer primarily interested in the Rivian package. However, after reviewing the details of each installation I decided for the “full Monty.” The only extra besides the wrap will be to tint the front windows to the legal limit to closer...
  10. Lysdexic

    Cold weather Kills the battery!

    Bummer. Looks like my drives in -60F are out of the question.
  11. Lysdexic

    LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    For everyone’s perusal…. some progress pics of Xpel stealth being applied today. Some panels are done some panels are not. Will have the truck back on Friday. I sure do miss her. Here are my observations: 1. The wrap does make the color a tad lighter but this makes sense since the satin...
  12. Lysdexic

    Latest VIN check R1T. What is the real production rate...

    Me thinks the market is already pricing in a miss
  13. Lysdexic

    Rivian R1S wrecked... 4 days after delivery! (but you should see the other guy...)

    I say just proceed with the stealth wrap and no one will be the wiser. I mean the “stealth” will hide that scratch no problem.
  14. Lysdexic

    My 2nd R1T modification - display screen protection

    This was my second modification as well. Installed these a month ago. Excellent quality and very happy.
  15. Lysdexic

    The Count's not so hot take (day 1 after R1S delivery)

    Awesome. I am happy to hear that the 21’s performed well in the snow.
  16. Lysdexic

    I miss having a full size truck

    The R1T is perfect me as I find the F150 just too large to cuddle
  17. Lysdexic

    Subsonic ear pressure/buffeting/R1S/help

    My guess is it’s the intermittent use of the lysergic acid diethylamide dispenser in the glove compartment. But just a guess…