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  1. RBR1S

    ABRP says go through Canada to avoid midwest/rockies states

    So I gave ABPR the basics (it's already setup with R1S for planning) - get me from Normal IL to Seattle WA. My idea was a factory delivery for my R1S. Is this thing serious? Is the charging across those states that bad that it is telling me to go to Canada? Thoughts on "a better route"...
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    R1S delivered. Delighted and impressed overall.

    Great review and just my kind of adventure (it rains a lot in Seattle, and wind, and well, it sounds the same as it's been here for a few months). White definitely isn't my color (years ago I vowed never to own another white car) but it looks good either way. Funny you say it's huge, but...
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    My First and Likely Last Post

    This I don't understand personally. R1T is a pickup, Tesla doesn't offer one (the cyber truck is not a pickup, its a childish monstrosity of a vehicle). The model Y "whyyyy" is claimed to be an SUV when in fact it's an Crossover. Again, I wouldn't compare it to a pickup, let alone the R1S...
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    R1S - first test drive impression

    I'm going to automatically assume it's going to be quieter than my JGC so that's a win. Especially when you get on it. I'd assume though the First Mile drive, they don't really let you "get on it" and you are going to be hyper sensitive to any differences from what you expect. I expect I'll...
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    2024 Rivian R1X - Speculation & Rendering [Motortrend]

    I'll be honest - at first I thought this came with 3 giant USB-C ports on the front bumper :CWL: :CWL:
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    🎨 COMPASS YELLOW R1S Club & Photos

    I finally saw Red R1T and a Yellow R1T this week so I came looking for Yellow R1S. I found what I expected. It kinda screams to me school bus. Black and yellow, all it needs is flashing lights.... oh wait, light bar. Any idea what percentage of R1T/S are yellow and what the target...
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    Pet mode - sleeping in Rivian in snowy temps

    And THIS is one of my big reasons for R1S. When they said/showed fully flat cargo and folded seats, I knew i had made the right decision for a glamp mobile.
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    High centered my R1T in snow today

    Curious about "rocking". If you are stuck and you use the other method of gas and let it rock back without shifting gears, then repeating, will Rivian do that? (will it allow roll back if you let off the accelerator pedal or is it just brakes?)
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    My custom Wooden Tonneau Cover

    It's unique for sure. Honestly takes me back to when Jeep used to have the wood side panels as a youngster.
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    Info on why max pack preorder holders "whine"

    And don't forget that R1S orders were screwed out of the Max Pack entirely unless we order a crappy dual motor version that isn't coming for years.
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    📊 2022 Q4 and Full-Year Earnings Results & Shareholder Letter: 50K production goal for 2023, ~400 Mile Range for Max Pack

    *skipping the thread to be here* I can't be the only one who is pissed off at the "Max Pack" coming in the R1S but only if I order a crappy dual motor instead of the quad. This is frustrating at best, annoying and disappointing for sure. Of course by the time they actually get around to...
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    4 hr trip for a "first mile" - is it worth it WA to OR

    If all it becomes is a "dog and pony" show - I've seen the dog and the horse and it's tricks I wanna know what it feels like to ride the horse.... I've watched WAY to many videos (if someone mentions the stupid flashlight again, it's not going in the door - enough already, we get it) and know...
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    4 hr trip for a "first mile" - is it worth it WA to OR

    Thanks for the input, honestly that's what scares me a bit, if I don't like the feel, but maybe that's not the case. I don't know that it's a complete make or break, but waiting has certainly eroded my confidence in my decision. And to clarify for everyone, it's 4 hours EACH way, so 8 hours...
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    IIHS Updated Crash Test Rating of Rivian R1T (w/ Video)

    Do we know if the side curtain airbag protects 3rd row in the R1S? If so, its probably a significantly different design.
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    4 hr trip for a "first mile" - is it worth it WA to OR

    I thought about this, but there are no R1S listed locally. I could do this with the R1T, but I was hoping not to become tainted by the R1T having a different ride/feel than the R1S as many have said. That being said, I don't even know if the first mile would be in an R1S, so it may not be...
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    Put 911 on speed-dial, the Cybertruck revolution is coming!

    Nah - put one of these on each side on the back, you know, improved mileage from reduced weight as you fly along.... *if you're wondering it's apparently an airplane wing desk? https://meubleaviateur.com/marauder-aviator-wing-office-desk
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    4 hr trip for a "first mile" - is it worth it WA to OR

    Since apparently WA continues to have its head up its butt *they bill has repeated not passed thanks to a bunch of jackhole dealership complainers*, we can't seem to do first mile trips here for whatever reason. So, that being said - on the Rivian site, my first mile invite has finally opened...
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    Put 911 on speed-dial, the Cybertruck revolution is coming!

    I will never understand why anyone would want this thing. It looks like something I drew as a 5yo.
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    A little surprised with all the Shop inventory...

    I'm assuming these are R1T, not S. Or are there both listed?
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    ⚡️ DC Fast Charging explained! -- Great Must Watch Video: "Everything You Need to Know..."

    While the reviews are saying it's great, I have to agree that the thumbnail is verging on insulting - even to a new EV owner. It looks like something one of the ICE deisel boys would use to scare people away from EVs or ridicule them. Being unfamiliar does not mean being stupid, which the...