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  1. Mygrain

    TIRERACK shows 22" OE Pirelli is "discontinued"

    For what it's worth, tirerack.com website today (1/9/23) showed the original equipment 22" Pirelli tire is discontinued and limited to in stock inventory. On chat, a TIreRack employees said they don't have a replacement part # yet. Might be misinformation ... but I thought I'd pass along what...
  2. Mygrain

    Rivian's "early 2023" to-do list summary

    * New interior accents (instead of wood) will start production in "early 2023." * Prices in the Gear Shop will be adjusted "in early 2023" for items removed from your R1 order. * Introduce the R1S into the R1 Shop "early this year." * More RAN fast chargers will be added "in the next few...