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  1. FrictionlessLube

    Closing the spare tire cover

    Yea I have to slam mine multiple times too with both hands near each latch point to it’s even pressure. A little embarrassing when showing off the truck. Not the biggest issue for me though.
  2. FrictionlessLube

    When are we going to see a positive headline for Rivian that bumps the stock?

    TSLA was a small stock for years and years then it exploded, then Elon wouldn't STFU and it tanked some. Rivian IPO was a year and a half ago and just started shipping less than a year ago. I'm in it for the long haul. Give it a few years and some new models and hopefully cheaper models so more...
  3. FrictionlessLube

    Are these commonly reported issues / problems still a thing?

    I noticed shortly after I took delivery the truck drifts right and I constantly have to correct it by turning and keeping the wheel every so slightly left. If I put the wheel in a straight and centered position, I really go right. I got it aligned Friday at the Denver SC. It was way off and they...
  4. FrictionlessLube

    12 volt frunk power outlet is back! > in my just-delivered 2023 R1T (mid 18000 VIN)

    Took delivery today! VIN: PN001011. 12v frunk and dual magnet. Prod date: 1/23
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    R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Well, previously I got moved from Jan-Feb to March-April, but I got a guide and access to the shop. After about three weeks or so of constantly checking the shop, tonight I saw my exact configuration available. Snagged it and the 8 steps opened and I can schedule delivery already! Granola is...
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    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    Jan-Feb now Mar-April, bummer but this gives me more time to pay off some current debt before taking on this payment.
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    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    I was Jan-Feb and confirmed my config last week. Just checked my account for the 5th time today and I’m processing estimate as well now. In the intro email with my guide, she said Feb-March for my launch edition, which is weird since I didn’t get a launch edition. Seems like things are being...
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    R1 Shop Access Granted!

    Just got shop access! In my intro email to my guide yesterday I asked for access and her reply was sure, you'll get access within the next 24-48 hours.
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    R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    I just got a guide assigned and the Time to confirm your configuration email! LFG
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    2018 order for R1S. Jan-Feb. window. Now I get this guide communication

    Giving accurate estimates these days is nearly impossible. I work at server and cluster systems integrator and we could estimate 3-4 months for an order based on what we know and it could take 8+ months in reality due to shortages or whatever issues come up. Sometimes (though rare now a days) we...
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    R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    I would take that immediately! Ahhhhh. I’m assuming they display the pricing differently in the shop depending if you pre ordered pre or post price increase, huh? Not like all trucks are $73k.
  12. FrictionlessLube

    R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    Congrats on shop access atleast! As a Jan-Feb estimate and fellow Denver resident all I can say is….
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    Article: "Rivian Continues To Fall Apart"

    What a freaking clown. "Rivian management said it would produce 25,000 of its electric pickups last year. The final number was 24,337" -Dear lord. 600 off as a startup during covid and the worse supply chain in decades... "Rivian’s chief executive, among the worst in the car industry..." -...
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    Best Weather Proof All Weather Floor Mats?

  15. FrictionlessLube

    R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Excited for everyone. Congrats to those getting 8 steps and guide contacts recently! Neither of those things for me as I smash F5 on the Rivian site. I've noticed recently those in Dec '21 and Jan '22 preorders have been the most common lately, so maybe they are going in order?
  16. FrictionlessLube

    R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    I got that too. I peaked at my screen, saw “Rivian” and my eyes widened, tapped the email notification, and said screamed internally. Good read since it was the Denver center though. Seems like they have a good culture there.
  17. FrictionlessLube

    🔮 Estimated Delivery Date Window is LIVE! What’s Yours?! 🔮

    I stuck with Forest Edge interior for the 10/16 cutoff. I just updated sig, but I was open to whatever, hence why I had all 3 listed.
  18. FrictionlessLube

    ⛔️ Powered Tonneau cover removed from R1T production until further notice on all future deliveries

    While I never wanted the powered cover and I’m good with them halting production of it until they come out with a true revision for those who do, if it’s true they won’t retro fit it after delivery, then that is a kick to the balls and almost an insult. Does this mean for those who had a Q4...
  19. FrictionlessLube

    Rivian email update 10/13 on Camp Kitchen, Gear Tunnel Shuttle, and Rooftop Tent

    I got the email and this is worrisome. I know by the time I get my truck, it probably still wouldn't be out, but at least I had it in my config to reserve the price for when it eventually came out, but now them removing it completely and saying production is stopping sucks bad. Hopefully when it...