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  1. kurtlikevonnegut

    Plasti Dipped 21" Wheels in Brass Monkey color by HyperDip

    Finally got around to following through on my intent to dip my factory 21" wheels. I used the kit from DipYourCar that comes with cleaner, brake masking bags, dip release, and 5 cans. Prep wasn't bad, and I ended up doing 3 light dusting coats and 3 heavy wet coats. I went with The Hyperdip...
  2. kurtlikevonnegut

    Greenville, SC to Panama City Beach, FL

    Had a work trip that required me to travel to PCB for a few days so I decided to bring the family with me and make a week out of it. It also made for a great first attempt on a true road trip with our 2 year old. The drive is about 7.5 hours under ideal circumstances to go 450 miles, so it's a...
  3. kurtlikevonnegut

    400 Mile Round Trip (GSP to CHS to GSP) with Trailer Towed by R1T

    Did a 400 mile Round Trip from Greenville, SC to Charleston and back with an overnight in Charleston. The entire trip was with a U-Haul open 5x9 trailer, empty on the way down and full on the way back. Driving down with the empty trailer I managed 1.53 mi/kwh (compared to 2.2 or so with no...
  4. kurtlikevonnegut

    Christmas Music on Meridian

    Queued up my Christmas playlist for the first time on the way home from work today and Carol of the Bells by Mannheim Steamroller almost melted my face off. The soundstage dimensions of the intro just about blew my mind. Lindsay Stirling's holiday collection was also great. What's everyone else...
  5. kurtlikevonnegut

    Don't Use USAA insurance for your Rivian

    A cautionary tale for everyone out there about choosing your insurance. I'm not going to go into detail about the entire process, but suffice it to say that I went from being a USAA lifer to strongly considering cancelling every policy and closing all of my USAA accounts due to the epic...
  6. kurtlikevonnegut

    Windshield Confessionals

    Hello friends, I have a confession to make. I'm not proud, but here it goes: I left my first "note under the windshield wiper" of my life this morning. Today, I was "that guy" Context: driving up to Greenville for the week where I'm staying at a hotel with charging stations (Chargepoint) and...
  7. kurtlikevonnegut

    Green on Green on Blue 183 Mile Road Trip & Pure Driving Bliss on Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

    Took a trip from Greenville, SC up to Asheville, NC and then back to Greenville by way of Brevard, NC. Started at the EA 350kw DCFC station to get a good charge before leaving on the trip. Got up to 80% SOC and felt good about that for the trip. Turned out to be more than enough. Drove...
  8. kurtlikevonnegut

    Let's Ride the Dragon

    Started this conversation in the NC thread but since it's at the nexus of 4 states it makes sense to open the discussion up to a bigger audience. Post here if you are interested in a run on the Dragon's Tail this fall , probably mid to late October or maybe early November on a weekend. It...
  9. kurtlikevonnegut

    Just Another Reason to Chose Rivian Over the Competition

    Let these morons start airing down Rivian tires (or "tyres") and realize how pointless it is with an onboard compressor. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a40567119/tyre-extinguishers-anti-suv-group/
  10. kurtlikevonnegut

    Rhino Lining/LineX/Grizzly Grip spray the plastic exterior trim?

    Other than our friend who went ahead and had his entire truck sprayed, has anyone inquired about or gotten a quote to have the plastic exterior trim sprayed (to include the top parts on the bed). One thing that stood out to me on my drive today was that the top rails of the bed didn't feel super...
  11. kurtlikevonnegut

    Poll: Did you get the Email "Get Ready For Your Order Process"

    To help understand the criteria for who received the email and who didn't. Can have multiple selections for delivery date and guide assigned.
  12. kurtlikevonnegut

    Consumer Advisory Panel

    I sent an email to CS (I'm sure they are overwhelmed and probably don't care what I think) recommending that Rivian implement a Consumer Advisory Panel for things like this to better understand sentiment among customers. My employer (a software company) does this and it helps by providing a data...
  13. kurtlikevonnegut

    For those of us who opted to stay and go Dual and/or standard battery

    What are we going to do until 2024? Has anyone looked into cryogenic freezing and reanimation? But seriously, I am sad that I'll probably have to wait another 18 months for a Rivian but hopefully they will have more events etc to keep up engagement until then. Anyone now in a situation of...
  14. kurtlikevonnegut

    Rivian's Future Georgia Neighbors Aren't Thrilled

    https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2022/01/25/rivians-georgia-electric-vehicle-plant-sparks-fears-among-neighbors/9211266002/ We already know from our....visitors....that there is some local uproar about the plant. I do wonder how much pushback there would be if it was Ford or...
  15. kurtlikevonnegut

    AWS Fleetwise

    https://techcrunch.com/2021/11/30/aws-launches-new-services-for-the-automotive-industry/amp/ Read this article and thought it was very interesting, especially with regard to Rivian Fleet Management. Mike Tzamaloukas, AWS’ general manager for AWS Automotive, told me that no matter what data...
  16. kurtlikevonnegut

    Front Light Bar mod / customizing ideas?

    Has anyone else thought about doing anything to customize the front light bar between the headlights? I think it lends itself to some really cool possible modifications. One that comes to mind right off the bat is a vinyl cover with R I V I A N cut out in their font so that the letters are lit...
  17. kurtlikevonnegut

    2022 BMW iX

    https://arstechnica.com/cars/2021/09/forget-the-looks-love-the-tech-the-83200-bmw-ix-electric-suv/ A very good comparison for the R1S. I wouldn't consider one of these personally but it's a good benchmark for the R1S from an established player and almost certainly a direct competitor...