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  1. domoplaytime

    Why Rivian is far better than Tesla... and I hate Tesla

    Rivian in 2022 has exceeded the excellent treatment I got as a Tesla customer in 2015. Tesla 2015 Pro: Model S 70D arrived nearly flawless Cons: safety recall one month later that couldn't be scheduled until four months later. Interior rattles that never went away. Rivian 2022 Pros: R1T...
  2. domoplaytime

    Received a free extra box of cargo crossbars

    Rivian sent me two boxes of cargo crossbars by mistake. I'm lucky enough to have received Rivian's original preorder pricing, so I don't need to profit off their shipping mistake. They are honorable, and I can be too. My guide has given me a shipping label to get the set back to Rivian If I...
  3. domoplaytime

    Iron particles removal after rail transport

    Thanks to this forum I learned that rail transport leaves iron particles all over the truck. Service Centers are supposed to remove it, but others have warned that they may not get everything. Indeed that appears true. I found about a dozen specks that turned purple after using this iron...
  4. domoplaytime

    Cabin temperature much higher overnight

    It's 68⁰ in my garage, the car climate control was set to 70⁰ but turned off, and overnight with the car sleeping the interior temperature rose to 77⁰. The area around the Bluetooth speaker is particularly warm. Has anyone had a similar experience? I did have my outlets on overnight to run a...
  5. domoplaytime

    Oddest use of your 120V outlets?

    I'm curious about the ways folks have been creative with their power outlets. I love the bouncy house photos from another thread. I'm the weirdo trying to remove that new car smell VOCs.
  6. domoplaytime

    Dreaded 'Service Suspension Soon' warning disappeared

    I performed a soft reboot today and the vehicle awoke with the notification that I need to service my suspension. The notification persisted after another reboot. Then upon pressing the brake pedal while in park the message just disappeared. Has anyone else seen glitches like this? Am I in for a...
  7. domoplaytime

    good tailgate ramp for hand-trucks?

    I will need a ramp in the future to load/unload a shipping container, and it occurs to me it might work on the R1T tailgate too. I've never examined a tailgate ramp for hand trucks, motorcycles, etc. - do they need anything special other than a lip to rest on the tailgate? I'm considering...
  8. domoplaytime

    How engaged was your guide in completing your Eight Steps?

    My guide is friendly and knowledgeable, but seems quite busy. He confirmed and locked my configuration but I haven't heard from him since, despite receiving a VIN and starting the Eight Steps. I'd rather not bug him until I start needing help with service requests. How many folks have made it...
  9. domoplaytime

    Gear Guard video storage onboard vs USB-C

    The manual states that a USB-C drive in the center console can store gear guard footage. Is that footage redundantly stored within the Rivian vehicle as well? I'm curious what happens if a thief takes the USB-C thumb drive along with everything else in the cab.
  10. domoplaytime

    What kind of garage/shop lift works with an underbody shield present?

    Forum posts indicate conflicting experiences with tire shops getting the Rivian up on a lift without taking the underbody shield off first. Would that require four jack pucks at once, or a special lift? Has anyone with an undercover shield had difficulty accessing jack points to change their...
  11. domoplaytime

    what defects should I look for upon delivery?

    I've got a guide assigned now so I'd like to finalize my delivery checklist for inspecting and testing the new vehicle within the return window. I also want to have a comprehensive set of issues to report to Rivian to ensure the quickest prioritization and fewest trips to the service center...
  12. domoplaytime

    What's first for OC batch builds?

    We're finally seeing batches of Adventure builds with addons like reinforced underbody. Will Rivian start with those configs (Adventure, 20" ATs, underbody) first when pivoting to Ocean Coast interiors (fewest changes to their batch setup), or will they reset to the simple configs first when...
  13. domoplaytime

    Can we rely on 12V power for appliances?

    I've heard of EVs getting bricked when their tiny 12V battery were taxed too much and couldn't power the computer system. Can we rely on the Rivian 12V for extended use with portable coolers, etc? Rivian used to have a winch option but removed it, and I really hope they're designing one to use...