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  1. Shzeph

    New Rivian App Update! (1.10.0)

    Just got this app update on iOS! It mentions a new OTA as well, 2023.02
  2. Shzeph

    Wrong Wheels On App?

    This is by no means a major problem. But does anyone know if there is a way to have the pictures in the app reflect the correct wheels? I have the 22s, and the in-car stuff shows that correctly. But the app shows me with the 20s for some reason. Any suggestions? (Pic included for reference)
  3. Shzeph

    IT HAPPENED AGAIN (Rock Damaged Windshield)

    2 week old windshield. Driving on I-90 East and bam, rock hits the windshield. Immediate (but small) chip, the bigger issue is the dark u-shaped stress fracture that appeared inside the laminate layer I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, but someone at Rivian really needs to take a hard...
  4. Shzeph

    Service Process Needs A LOT Of Work

    Quick summary for those who didn't see my other thread: About two weeks ago, I got a big rock chip in my windshield which very rapidly transformed into a large crack that went from the impact point all the way to the top of the windshield. I was initially quoted a service appointment nearly 4...
  5. Shzeph

    Weak Windshields?

    So, maybe I've just had an atrocious run of luck, but since taking delivery in March, I've had more rocks hit my windshield than any other car I've owned And that wouldn't be an issue, except for the fact that the R1T's windshield seems to be fragile beyond belief. Every single little pebble...
  6. Shzeph

    Taillights Occasionally Flashing

    Just what it says on the tin. For reasons unknown, the outermost sections of the rear lightbar/taillights will occasionally flash while the truck is parked. This happens both at home (when GearGuard is off) and away from home (when GearGuard is on) It isn’t really a problem or anything, I’m...
  7. Shzeph

    Delivery Day!

    I’m very happy to announce that my truck showed up today! Delivery process was super super easy. Took it around for a drive and it was amazing! Well worth the wait in every regard
  8. Shzeph

    Gear Shop Coming Soon

    Since everyone is so damn gloomy these days, here ya go. Have some good news
  9. Shzeph

    ? Multiple R1T spotted inside Bellevue Rivian Service Center

    Did a quick drive-by of the Bellevue Service Center and wow!! A white, two blues, and a grey (couldn’t tell which one) Edit: Peep the rear green charging bar on the white one! Always nice to see things happening there
  10. Shzeph

    Alexa In A Lambo

    Not about Rivian, but could give some clues as to how fully integrated Alexa might be! Seems like Huracan owners will be able to control quite a bit through voice commands https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/31/22360223/alexa-lamborghini-in-car-voice-assistant-huracan-evo
  11. Shzeph

    PNW Roll Call

    I’ve seen a few other regional sections doing this, so figured I’d start one here! Where ya at, and what did ya order? Bellevue, WA here. My current configured order is a Rivian Blue/Black Mountain R1T LE with standard 22s
  12. Shzeph

    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    So I know we’ve done a few site-wide colour polls before, but I’m curious to know about R1T pre-order holders specifically. Edit: Forgot to mention my choice! I’m currently leaning towards Blue, but Yellow is a close second