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  1. AdventureMat - MagSafe Charging Pad

    Definitely looks OEM. Nobody will tell it’s not.
  2. AdventureMat - MagSafe Charging Pad

    I guess there’s two different threads. I installed mine last night and it looks great and works perfectly. Very happy with this product. Don’t have to worry about phone sliding at all. Totally worth the price.
  3. AdventureMat - Stealth Style Now Available!

    Just installed it and it looks great! Easy to install as well. We’ll worth the money. Thanks a lot!
  4. Rattle in B Pillars

    Is it from The B pillar itself or the passenger door. I have a from the speaker cover, which they will address at the next service appt.
  5. What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    A couple small things off the top of my head. 1. Transpose the visual radar warnings onto the images on the front screen. 2. Lock only the rear passenger windows.
  6. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Will it lower the risk if your charging while receiving an OTA?
  7. Excessive motor whine around 30-40 Mph

    I have this same thing. At first I thought someone was reviving their engine next to me, but it follows everywhere. Pretty used to it by now and it’s drowned out by music. Still gotta deal with all the other rattles too.
  8. Window tinting in OC?

    Thank you. I’ll give them a ring.
  9. Window tinting in OC?

    Anybody have a good recommendation for window tinting in OC, preferably near Irvine. Thanks
  10. My First CCS Charging Session

    IIRC it continued on 10 minute drive home and I didn’t check after that. It was very loud tho. I do recall another time when the fan was on and I turned truck off and came back a couple minutes later and it was off.
  11. Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Parked the car at airport in SoCal at 67% and returned at 62%. Gear guard off. Seems like 1% daily.
  12. Southern California Owners

    I’m in Irvine here. Took delivery in December of an R1T/Adventure/OC/21 tires. Nice to meet you all and would be interested in a meet up. Anyone have recommendations for window tinting in OC?
  13. Replacement Crossbar Keys

    Locksmith picked lock and was able to make new keys. Crisis averted.
  14. Replacement Crossbar Keys

    Thank you. That’s exactly what the website says. Appreciate the quick response.
  15. Replacement Crossbar Keys

    We are in the process of moving and it seems I’ve misplaced the keys to the crossbars, which are attached to the tailgate. In case I’m unable to locate them, anyone have experience in getting replacements made?
  16. Voice commands for Navigation ?

    How exactly do you do this? Through their respective apps or the Rivian app? Edit: NVM. Googled it.
  17. Small Fender Bender

    People suck. Sorry this happened.
  18. Tire pressure and ride quality

    If all tires are at same pressure?
  19. Tire pressure and ride quality

    It has been unseasonably cold here in SoCal. Yesterday took the Rivian out and noticed ride quality was great. Seemed to absorb bumps better and overall just felt more confident. When I got back home, I checked the tire pressures and they were all at 45. I have 21”. I know range would take a hit...
  20. First Tesla Supercharger with "Magic Dock" CCS adapter successfully charged a R1T. This is fantastic!

    If youre road tripping and not using fast chargers as primary charging, price shouldn’t matter as much as reliability. Who cares if it’s 40 cents or 50 cents if you know youre going to be charging at a station that is fast and reliable.