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  1. AdamsFan1983

    Frunk cooler project interest for new owners:

    Hi all: just wanted to bump this topic that is buried in an older thread for all the new rivian owners who are talking about taking delivery on vehicles with 12v outlets in the frunk. Would love to see them get enough sign ups that they go into production on these :). Let’s make it happen...
  2. AdamsFan1983

    Holiday Deliveries

    Wrote this last year, and since I'm picking up my wifes R1S this week, it seems appropriate to post for posterity for other new holiday owners :). Enjoy: 'Twas the night before delivery, when all thro' the house, The forum was stirring, with Peashooters shouts; The charger was hung by the...
  3. AdamsFan1983

    Halloween Mode confirms RGB interior accent lights

    “Halloween Mode!!! To get this to happen you must have the latest software 2022.39.1 and if you don't find it do a soft reset and you will.... And now there is a 2022.39.03 downloading also…”
  4. AdamsFan1983

    Shipping & Receiving Situation at Unloading Docks?

    Can someone who knows more about logistics clue me in on what the hell is happening at Rivian's unloading docks. Are they just screwing the truckers into warehousing parts for them? (Read the google reviews)...
  5. AdamsFan1983

    AMA with Tony Caravano, Head of Rivian Customer Engagement

    Hi everyone, I’m excited to answer some of your questions today. I’ve been a lurker on Reddit for a long time and appreciate that we have such an engaged Rivian community. Not only am I happy to answer some of your questions today (inclusive of the email that went out earlier); I also commit to...
  6. AdamsFan1983

    iPhone 14 and wireless charging in Rivian?

    Can anyone make an informed comment on iPhone 14 models perform on the charging mat? I’m assuming poorly?
  7. AdamsFan1983

    Does anyone have any recent info on them fulfilling the wristband iou’s

    I seem to recall august being mentioned at some point as a delivery timeframe on them…
  8. AdamsFan1983

    Rivian R1S Production Eye Candy [content removed by takedown request of Rivian legal counsel]

    Recent video from Normal, Il. [Content removed at request of Rivian legal counsel].
  9. AdamsFan1983

    Video: R1S on Factory Floor

  10. AdamsFan1983

    PennDOT submits plan to install 150 charging stations for electric vehicles

    https://www.post-gazette.com/news/transportation/2022/08/09/electric-vehicles-charging-stations-national-electric-vehicle-infrastructure-program-penndot-plan-150-stations/stories/202208070050 By this time next year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation expects to see construction...
  11. AdamsFan1983

    Rivian Van production already at 1,000 vehicles

    Apparantly they're further along than I thought; They've already produced 1,000 Rivian Vans....
  12. AdamsFan1983

    Anyone have input on using tesla L2 chargers with R1T?

    Hi all. Just curious if anyone has material experience with using tesla branded chargers yet with their R1T. I’m planning a trip and there’s a particular portion that it would be very helpful to stay at a hotel that’s the only game in town for charging and it’s a tesla destination charger…...
  13. AdamsFan1983

    7 Day Road Trip in an R1T (July 24 Departure)

    Good morning guys and gals. Dipping my toes in the water here to see if there's interest in me documenting a 7 day road trip (with my wife & parents) down the east coast. Homebase is Harrisburg, PA and we'll be taking the R1T as far south as Savannah, GA. If y'all want it, I''ll take some...