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  1. Lucid Rolls Out New Leasing to End-Run Price Caps... Rivian to Follow?

    I am assuming Rivian will follow suit soon. Here is the email from Lucid today. No price cap, no income cap, simple capital cost reduction on lease.
  2. VW Bringing Back "Scout" Competitor for Rivian

    Well these images look vaguely familiar. "Leaked" from the VW design group, the company is voting tomorrow to spin out a stand-alone EV company to bring back the Scout name and produce an off-road electric pickup and SUV for the US market. According to the WSJ, "is set to resurrect the Scout...
  3. Rivian Needs a No Re-Sale Clause Now

    So Rivian has done the right thing and reinstated the pre-order pricing for all of us that had an order on March 1. It now needs to add a one-year no resale clause in the sales contract to prevent people grandfathered into the old pricing from taking advantage of their discount to profit from...