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  1. Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    I really like it. Gives the Rivian a bit of a Stormtrooper look. I also like that the tint isn't too dark, so the lightbar is still visually functional.
  2. Ford Explorer EV revealed

    Okay, but think about what you're saying. First, boycotting Ford just isn't going to happen. There are people WILLING to pay well over sticker for vehicles in high demand. Think about that.....what that tells me is that other people will be tickled pink to find and buy those vehicles at MSRP...
  3. Ford Explorer EV revealed

    Do you ever watch the Auto Glory channel on YouTube? It's fun to watch if you're into street racing. Short videos that are to the point with no BS. They typically race modded cars from 60 to 160 on a mostly empty Florida highway. There's a couple of Tesla Model S Plaids that participate and they...
  4. Ford Explorer EV revealed

    It's hard to compare an ICE vehicle off the line with an EV. You know, all that instant toque. Still though, a race to 60 MPH is very close between a GT500 and a Rivian. But after 60, the GT500 just pulls away from a Rivian quite easily and continues on to 180 mph (governed) top speed. EVs are...
  5. Ford Explorer EV revealed

    Hmm...I had a rental Explorer for 4 weeks when my Jeep was in the body shop waiting to be fix or declared a total loss and everything seemed to work just fine. No issues whatsoever with the technology. I liked the technology in my Jeep better, but everything in the Ford still worked as intended...
  6. Damage results from 7K lbs R1T vs Civic in collision

    I think the frame is bent based upon the bulge in the bed. And the Civic didn't really go completely under the truck. Look at the way the hood folded ...you can see how the impact happened. I think Rivian's tiny little rear bumper didn't help much here to prevent more damage from occuring. I...
  7. Ford Explorer EV revealed

    I think it looks great. But it's a European version and I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be sold in the U.S. in this form. This vehicle is built on a smaller VW platform.
  8. Ford Explorer EV revealed

    Interesting. So you think an Explorer EV will somehow be similar to the Explorer ST that you apparently didn't like? I'd think it will be a completely different animal. Passing on a vehicle based upon experience with an ICE vehicle doesn't seem very open minded, but that's just my opinion.
  9. Damage results from 7K lbs R1T vs Civic in collision

    That's not correct. Florida is a "no fault" state. If your insurance company doesn't have to pay out for repairs from an accident, your insurance premium cannot go up as a result of an accident.
  10. Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    There's a guy on YouTube with a black Lightning and he had his entire front lightbar wrapped in gloss black. Looks soooooo much better than way. I don't know what it is with this silly trend lately, but so many new vehicles have crazy lightbars across the front AND back now. Tailights have been...
  11. Video: Rivian house power backup of critical loads WITHOUT waiting for bi-directional charging to be implemented by Rivian

    This is pretty cool, but I can't ever see myself giving up my standby 22kw Generac. It powers my entire house non-stop and automatically about 30 seconds after the utility power goes out. In September 2021, we had a rare tornado here in NJ and my power was out for almost five days. My Generac...
  12. Damage results from 7K lbs R1T vs Civic in collision

    Oh boy....lol. That's not the weight of the Rivian. That's the weight it could be if it was maxed out with people and cargo. Well, at least the within the allowable limit. I suppose you could put even more weight in it than that, but at your own risk.
  13. Damage results from 7K lbs R1T vs Civic in collision

    My guess is that both vehicles are a total loss. But if I'm wrong, I bet that's still going to be a huge repair bill to your Rivian. BTW, the airbags aren't supposed to go off when hit from the rear. They'd really serve no purpose other than to run up the cost of repair to replace them.
  14. Snow performance check-in....focus on tires.

    It's all good. These Rivians are already heavy enough. We need some lightweight battery technology down the road 😆
  15. Snow performance check-in....focus on tires.

    So you drive it fully loaded with people and cargo every day? Just curious. The point here is that a vehicle's weight is it's curb weight. The gross vehicle weight is a misrepresentation if you're using it to say that you drive an 8500 lb vehicle when you really drive a 7000 lb vehicle. And...
  16. Martian Wheels - 20” wheel for Rivians!

    Not digging that style at all.
  17. All those unusable/broken charging stations...

    DC fast charging infrastructure is for sure an issue. Does that mean you aren't going to be able to find a working charger during a road trip? No, probably not. But it does tip the odds that you will run into issues. I've watched many, many videos where EV owners were on road trips and struggled...
  18. Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    I think it looks fantastic. I really like the way it makes the lightbar appear to be more like headlights by blacking out the middle section. Even though they aren't headlights, it gives the vehicle a more conventional look.