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  1. Any advice on using the Rivian Air Compressor to inflate an iSUP?

    I wonder if anybody converted the air compressor to inflate an inflatable Standup Paddle-board and can share their experience, i.e. how they attached the Halkey-Roberts valve on the iSUP to the air compressor's hose? Right now i am using a 12V electric pump, but would like to switch to using...
  2. Learned that the Manual tonneau cover can be replaced w/ redesigned Powered tonneau via retrofit install -- can anyone corroborate?

    I just had my First Mile event and learned that it will be possible to retrofit the redesigned powered tonneau cover in place of a manual one. This is news to me as i read somewhere on this forum that Rivian claimed it wont be possible to. Can you corroborate one way or another this information?
  3. Hit the Rivian Lotto Deux

    As @R1Tkc recently posted in his thread, he hit the Rivian Lotto, see https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/hit-the-rivian-lotto.7146/ I was secretly hoping to also win the Lotto since our color choices were the same and orders a month apart. While my Feb 22 order was Compass Yellow with...