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  1. elfordon

    What if the long-delayed max pack R1T comes with great new feature(s)?

    Rivian has made us wait years for the max pack R1T, moving us from the front of the line (initial info from Rivian was the max pack would be the first truck config produced), to last in line behind preorder holders, and now we are last in line behind brand-new orders. What if part of the delay...
  2. elfordon

    Max Packers: Did you get a delivery estimate yet? (Are there even any Max Packers left? :D)

    The January 31 delivery update emails have come and gone. I'm a whiny Max Pack reservation holder from July 2020. I live so close to the factory, I see R1Ts and R1Ss driving around daily. (It was cool the first few sightings; it's torture now.) On Feb 1, 2023, I'm at "Processing estimate" in...
  3. elfordon

    Considering switching from max pack R1T to large pack R1S...your thoughts?

    Between the tonneau situation and the "sometime in 2024" delivery date projected for our July 2020 R1T max pack preorder, I'm thinking we just ditch the R1T max pack and go for the Adventure R1S and skip the tonneau headache. Our needs: The Rivian will be our long range vehicle in a...
  4. elfordon

    Info on why max pack preorder holders "whine"

    Here's what max pack preorder holders have been told: 2018/2019 preorder confirmation email: "Production will begin in 2020. Fully equipped vehicles with the highest performance level and largest battery pack will enter production first. Our 180 kWh and 135 kWh packs will be available at launch...