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  1. Adamn

    Ski / snow trip experience with the R1T

    You had a bit better efficiency than I did from my home in Westminster to WP. I averaged 2.04 mi/kwh for 155.6 miles - we left pet mode on for 3 hours while we skied but I don't know if the trip meter counts that or not.
  2. Adamn

    Guess I need some snow tires... my R1T hood now has a nice dent (on factory 20" A/T)

    So sorry to see that happened to you. I've done a couple of ski trips so far. The 20" tires on the Rivian remind me of the stock tires on my old Tacoma, just okay in the snow. Getting Blizzaks installed today. Hope they perform as well on the Rivian as they did on my old Taco because they...
  3. Adamn

    R1T isn't a 'Truck'? Think Again. Best vehicle I've ever owned, hands down.

    I feel that if you ask a dozen people what truck stuff is you'll get a dozen different answers. "Truck Stuff" I've done since getting my R1T this year: 1. Towed my boat 30+ times this summer 2. Hauled 4x8 sheets of plywood in the bed 3. Hauled sports gear and other large items that wouldn't...
  4. Adamn

    Undriveable at night in wet snow due to LED headlights not melting snow & ice

    Has anyone had to replace a headlight bulb in their Rivian? I wonder if it'd be possible to swap to an older non-LED type that puts off more heat to melt snow in the winter.
  5. Adamn

    Ski day trip in R1T - efficiency data

    That matte wrap looks great! I took my R1T up to Abasin from Westminster back in May to ski. Had similar efficiency, I got 1.55mi/kwh up and 2.17mi/kwh for the day which included a stop in Evergreen for the dog to hike, and then we went to our lake in Longmont to waterski before heading home.
  6. Adamn

    20” Blizzak snow tires installed

    Look forward to hearing about your experience. Loved the Blizzaks on my Tacoma but found the Blizzaks on my old Tesla weren't nearly as good as Nokian winter tires. The stock 20" tires have a 3PMS rating, anyone try them yet in the snow to see how they do?
  7. Adamn

    1500 mile RT to Kanab UT

    It's our second time through the area and want to do a longer trip someday. The slot canyons in Vermillion Cliffs are my favorite so far but White Pocket was great as well!
  8. Adamn

    1500 mile RT to Kanab UT

    Drove from my home in Westminster Colorado. 20" AT Tires. On the drive to/from Kanab, we did a mix of Conserve mode on the lowest ride height, and All Purpose at low while going through the mountains or areas where we wanted more power to pass. Kept cruise at 75-85mph on I-70. ~80 miles were...
  9. Adamn

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    This location doesn't make any sense to me. There are already EA and EV Go chargers in that mall parking lot.
  10. Adamn

    Boat Show - Show the boats you're towing with your Rivian

    1991 Barefoot Sanger, repowered with a 2016 Evinrude G2 250HO. ~3klbs. The boat lives at the lake in the summer so I haven't towed it farther than the 500' to the launch and back to its parking spot to see what I'll get for kwh/mi.
  11. Adamn

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    When in reverse, the ability to switch to the rear camera over the bed instead of the hitch camera. Especially when towing, the hitch camera is a bit useless after the trailer is connected.
  12. Adamn

    UPDATED 6/2 - Delivery day (Hello!) and Return day (Goodbye) ... argh! "Ride height change not possible due to overheated air compressor"

    Not the same but maybe helpful for others to prevent overheating from use. During my first drive event, the rep told me not to change the suspension height more than 2 levels at a time to avoid overheating. So if you're on the lowest setting and want to go high/highest for off-road, first go...
  13. Adamn

    Dog Hammocks?

    I have a second one that I pulled from my Tacoma when we had two vehicles you can have for free. If you're interested I can go put it in and take a picture.
  14. Adamn

    TOWING & THE EXTENDED TAILGATE -- Any problems with it?

    I've thought of one of those but then I'd for sure bang my shin once a week in the garage. The tongue jack on my trailer broke a couple of years ago anyway and I put a flip-down one on. Might eventually just remove the tongue jack, but going to wrap a pool noodle on it for now just in case I...
  15. Adamn

    TOWING & THE EXTENDED TAILGATE -- Any problems with it?

    I have that issue with my boat trailer. Opened the tailgate and lowered it by hand and verified that the tailgate will hit. Now I'm concerned about accidentally opening the tailgate someday with the trailer on and damaging it.
  16. Adamn

    Are there any women in this club?

    Don't think I'm middle-aged, was still in my 20s when I placed a reservation! My girlfriend wasn't a huge fan of the Rivian at first but after two years of sharing a Tesla and learning more about It she decided to split the R1T with me and has driven it more than I have since we took delivery!
  17. Adamn

    Rivian Denver Meetup this Saturday April 30

    I have to be up in Longmont at 1 but I'll be there till about noon with my Blue R1T!