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  1. 2023.10.0 software update OTA released. Includes Tesla Supercharger network option and 12v battery draining issue fix

    it says charge panel will still auto close when you start driving but they are turning off that 30 secs countdown. I had several interruptions of charging whereby i needed to re-insert the cable just as the 30 seconds counter was closing the door forcing me to fight with it. I am glad it is...
  2. Road Trip from WI to FL - Our Experience in the R1T

    @Jedimaster109 I drove on the 21s from Normal/Bloomington to California in January (around 2500 miles) and can say that road noise was limited. Definitely R1T was quieter than my Mach-E GTPE. But above 95+ i did notice wind noise getting louder. Didnt like the fact that Driver+ is still...
  3. Bricked Rivian in depth (Now You Know Channel)

    fuck those tesla shills. they probably short-circuited something only to post a negative story online about Rivian
  4. 20k miles and 9 months in. Quick takes on my R1T.

    I concur that BMW i3s is great but without the REX is really great.

    what are you talking about tesla appologist. There is nothing wrong with navigation system in Rivian and Alexa is pretty good too!
  6. Rivian R1S on Supercar Blondie

    i have a 12/22 build and during my service visit this past month (Feb 23) i asked if i could have a key band pretty please and they didn't object at all. It costs something like $170 (part+labor+tax). A key band is more continent to take with me on the water than a key card. the only thing...
  7. IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    no, that is not how IRS rules work. If the first paragraph applies, as it does in my case, i entered into a binding contract to buy before August 16, 2022 , i can stop reading the rest.
  8. 🏆 Rivian R1T tops Tesla with highest owners’ satisfaction -- in J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study

    What a stupid classification system. Since when is tesla 3/y a "premium" and ford mach-e "mass market" Those f..g teslas are garbage comparing to mach-e
  9. Power out, R1T to the rescue, but for how long?

    it did not escape my notice that Ops and yours are both Compass Yellow that saved the day--Go Team CY.
  10. Just Took Delivery 2-21-23 -- Initial Thoughts

    I thought i am going to miss SiriusXM too, but the streaming quality was low comparing to Spotify and Tidal and i like these two apps now, especially how i command Alexa to play from either one. Tune-In is not bad either. Still miss having USB playback for those offline conditions thought.
  11. Windshield glass is trash

    On my drive back from Normal to Cali, I avoided driving next to any car in parallel lane for this reason--that the windshield is supposedly weak and it worked.
  12. Truckee RAN is rockin'

    On my drive back from Normal, IL 1/8/23 I stopped by this RAN and the snow-wall was three times higher than in your picture.
  13. E-mail from Rivian 9/30 announcing Key Band delivery

    read posts by others who have done what you are about to do, namely buy it from someone with launch edition. it wont work.
  14. Your time from VIN to Delivery?

    about 3 days, but i flew to Bllomington/Normal and drove it back. I would still be waiting now if by train.
  15. What I like least about my R1T

    I dont like backing into tight corners in the R1T because the proximity display is on the center console where it is useless becayse your eyes are glued to the main screen which is showing the cameras. BMW i3 has this wonderful display which showed the proximity markers on the same screen as...
  16. I shipped my R1T to Germany

    How did you come to own it? Can you tell us how you acquired it? Were you working in the US and then moved back to Germany? @rivian_germany
  17. Rivian Top Speed - Using Math to understand Why top speed is limited

    they rear motors are more powerful than the front ones. see 13:00 and goes on for about a minute.
  18. Idea: Rivian Rideshare Exchange Program

    i don't think it is going to work... for example: how do you remove the non-native fart smells? i didint pay over 80k to share the seat with some other butt,
  19. Rivian Driver+ places #8 in Consumer Reports 2023 Driver Assistance Rankings

    that is pure BS. It gives you around 10-15 seconds at least.
  20. Rivian Driver+ places #8 in Consumer Reports 2023 Driver Assistance Rankings

    Constantly? what you neglected to say is that Bluecruise does give you a few seconds to take your drink or look away before reacting. Yes, it feels like nanny that is a small child craving for attention, but Driver+ is always requiring you to hold hands on the wheel and does not even work on...