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  1. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    I was talking to the Tesla store manager at my local mall, Christiana Mall. He said that the recent install of a transformer and rough in was indeed a RAN charger, 6 units with a max of 12. I reached out to the account on twitter that tracks them all to do some leg work since I could not find...
  2. FirstStateR1T

    MARC (Mid-Atlantic Rivian Club)

    Morning everyone! I am sure many of you have seen these regional logo/stickers on other forums and I figured to unify those that are interested I have been working with Scott aka Rivian_Dad on Youtube (he's the designer behind them all) to create a matching theme for our region. I will have 100...
  3. FirstStateR1T

    El Cap R1T spotted in Berlin, NJ

    You on here? Looked to be El Cap on 21" roads on 73N going through the old Berlin circle...
  4. FirstStateR1T

    My experience & data log - Daily Commute in R1T, 125-150 miles/day

    Afternoon everyone! I figured I would share my 3 months of ownership and my experience thus far. I drive a lot, 1hr commute each way to and from my office. I spent 18yrs working locally so the last 5yrs are offsetting that one, haha! The R1T has been a nice change to my commute! The...
  5. FirstStateR1T

    Offroad commute to work...

    On the way to work this morning... Just a little Pine Barrens off road action, TGIF Everyone!
  6. FirstStateR1T

    OCNJ to get DCFC

    At the moment the island only has 2 Charge Point Level 2 charges, so this will be a nice addition! https://ocnjdaily.com/state-selects-ocean-city-ev-charging-station-grant/
  7. FirstStateR1T

    OCNJ this weekend...

    If anyone on here is in the OCNJ area this weekend (7/22-24) and has not yet seen a R1T I will be in town and willing to meetup for a Rivian Runthrough... Cheers!
  8. FirstStateR1T

    Delaware R1's ?

    Delaware Owners: I know I am the second delivery in the state with my Glacier White R1T and we have a Rivian Blue R1T in the North Wilmington area. I am hearing from a few car friends of a Black Mtn R1T, if your on here feel free to say so!