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  1. Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    Do you happen to know the mfg of the front bar tint w the cutouts?
  2. Tesla J1772 “Black” Charger - reviews / experiences?

    Appreciate the info! I'm excited to get my R1T in a week (as well as the charger installed) so I'm trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a row ahead of time.
  3. Tesla J1772 “Black” Charger - reviews / experiences?

    @donguanella @bjcleaver I have this charger awaiting install in a week. I was trying to figure out about the interface with it. It appears there is no app associated with it right now, is that correct? is all of the control done through the website? Can you schedule charging and look at your...
  4. Home lifts that work?!

    What is your reasoning for lifting side to side instead of front to back? I've never seen them used to the side like that.
  5. IIHS crash test R1T take off parts available for purchase

    Am I just thick in the head or does Rivian not show up on the drop down selection for vehicle on their website? Couldnt find anything on their site.
  6. Rear cargo liner for R1S?

    Based on all the grooves on the exterior, I'm guessing its a generic fit that is meant to be cut. My experience from all the other generic fit I've bought over the years, they all look like that and those grooves are cut lines so you can "custom" fit it to your vehicle. At least it was sub $50...
  7. 【update: opinion needed】Organizer for that massive space on the lower console area.

    @BestEvMod(AOSK) I agree with ImAI above, something this shallow doesn't really solve my need. If it were deeper and with an additional cup holder or two, it would be much more useful IMO.
  8. Adding cupholders to R1T?

    Great idea! When you finish your next round of files with the magnet slot, I'd love the STL file.