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  1. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    I can appreciate the effort but a little too much for me...
  2. FirstStateR1T

    My cobbled together budget spare

    @dp351 Grab yourself a hub centric ring if you didn't already so that your spare has the proper fit. Amazon retailer Wheel Connect sells sets, SKU# HR7780-6410A These will allow the smaller Rivian (64.1mm) hub core to remain concentric with the larger RAM (77.8mm) wheel center bore.
  3. FirstStateR1T

    Anybody been dealing with TPMS 24/7?

    Best of luck, they were always responsive for me even in the beta testing phase.
  4. FirstStateR1T

    Accessories - Floor console organizer / Tesla Charger Adapter / Phone Mount / Bed Mat / Etc.

    Shop only did the mount and balance. I then brought the wheels and tires home and mounted them about a week later onto the truck. Super strange the inconsistency with the sensors that people are having.
  5. FirstStateR1T

    Accessories - Floor console organizer / Tesla Charger Adapter / Phone Mount / Bed Mat / Etc.

    MY TPMS247 sensors required nothing other than driving around for 5-7mins to fully connect/register.
  6. FirstStateR1T

    I may be closing my Gear Tunnel incorrectly

    Anyone else have a squeaky swingarm hinge on theirs?
  7. FirstStateR1T

    [EVENT]: Feb 10th Trekking thru Green Ridge State Forest (MD/DC/WV/PA)

    Looking forward to this, got my Badlands jack and traction boards this week (not that either are needed)... Anyone that does not have their Rivian yet, but wants to join in the fun?? I'm willing to bet several of us will have empty seating.
  8. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    I was talking to the Tesla store manager at my local mall, Christiana Mall. He said that the recent install of a transformer and rough in was indeed a RAN charger, 6 units with a max of 12. I reached out to the account on twitter that tracks them all to do some leg work since I could not find...
  9. FirstStateR1T

    GLACIER WHITE R1T Club & Photos

    040 93.5' MKIV, Glacier White R1T owner myself, nice grouping!!! I have the same white car addiction!
  10. FirstStateR1T

    Use of the empty space allocated to non existing tonneau cover?

    Since you mentioned ratchet straps, I have 4 in a bag stowed in my spare tire with the jack & tools easily. I flipped the composite base & tools over which frees up a decent amount of space. Actually surprised Rivian didn't think of this to gain more spare in the spare...
  11. FirstStateR1T

    Random 20 Inch rims (cheap) for snow tires

    Depending on the weather, I’m seeing very similar numbers to the trucks that are factory equipped with the Perelli scorpion tires. I was averaging around 2.3 mi./kW but now that winter has set in it has averaged down to 2.0 mi./kW This picture is my total average across 5600 miles with this set up.
  12. FirstStateR1T

    Random 20 Inch rims (cheap) for snow tires

    5600 miles on this setup, matched overall OD, just plain works...
  13. FirstStateR1T

    Accessories - Floor console organizer / Tesla Charger Adapter / Phone Mount / Bed Mat / Etc.

    Care to comment, as this sounds no better than the other Amazon version...
  14. FirstStateR1T

    Recirculation button for AC vents turns itself off sometimes, feature or bug?

    Recirc on AC cooling seems to stay on for me but on "heat" it goes off after a few mins, super annoying!!!
  15. FirstStateR1T

    Black or White Color Choice?

    White, all my cars are white, haha!
  16. FirstStateR1T

    DCE Weistec Rivian Rock Sliders Group Buy

    These are hilariously overpriced for how they are fabricated! I am a MechEng with many years of my own personal design & fabrication business under my belt and at that price I will be making my own version! Those light brackets scream "rivian owners have deep pockets, rape em"