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  1. computertom

    Massachusetts 2022 R1T - Rivian Blue, 20" ATs, & Underbody - $84K obro

    2022 Rivan R1T Adventure Quad-Motor AWD w/Large battery pack (obviously :) ) Vin: 15,7XX Rivian Blue exterior Black Mountain + Dark Ash Wood interior 20" All-Terrain Dark wheels and tires w/Full-size spare Reinforced Underbody Shield w/Tow Hooks Manual Tonneau Cover - not included yet, but...
  2. computertom

    How noisy is your front end?

    Yes, this is kind of a personal question ... but I've now had a few calls setting up my service center visit and every time I describe the noise I'm left wonder if it's me... The front end of my R1T is noisy. If any of you have either had crap cars, or worked on your own race / modded cars, it...
  3. computertom

    Is there a trick to see all the Charging History?

    So we've only had our R1T for a few weeks, but I just realized today while looking at the charging history in app that it is incomplete. I expected it to have all my charging sessions, of which there have only been five, but there are only three in app. Is this normal? I've definitely read...