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  1. computertom

    Rivian Elevation audio system - in house design change began February 2023?

    The audio in our R1T is so much better than the “upgraded Bang & Olyfsen” Lux audio system in our Bronco Raptor. Some of it is definitely the fact that the truck is that much quieter, but it’s also just better, with more clarity and depth. Just don’t try to listen to it with the windows open...
  2. computertom

    Road Trip from WI to FL - Our Experience in the R1T

    Thanks much for the write up. What sort of speeds were you maintaining with Driver+ to see 1.96 efficiency? Around town I'm no where near that with my 20ATs, but I've been impressed on the highway with Driver+ when I'm not in a hurry.
  3. computertom

    20 inch AT wheels only selectable with all-terrain upgrade

    Unfortunately at present switching tires between 20 AT's and other sizes is an exercise in patience as it requires a trip to the Service Center. Hopefully this will move into the software one of these years ...
  4. computertom

    Massachusetts 2022 R1T - Rivian Blue, 20" ATs, & Underbody - $84K obro

    No thanks. All good on the Ford front with our Bronco Raptor. Now if anyone has a C8 Z06 they’re looking to unload… that I’ll deal on! Seriously…
  5. computertom

    Did anyone get sent some swag from Rivian??

    I definitely live by the “pinch of sugar goes further than a pound of salt” mantra, but ask a direct question and it’ll just be ignored. Send a text. Crickets. At this point I’m guessing their customer load is just crazy high and making new customers is more important than answering a...
  6. computertom

    Did anyone get sent some swag from Rivian??

    That’s a cool hat! I’ve got an R1T and I’d be happy if my guide would just reply!
  7. computertom

    PPF question - spend $7k to put a clear PPF on $80k vehicle?

    Have PPF’d a few vehicles now. Just the front end of a Pacifica when new that is now at 110k miles with 30 road trips and so many high way miles… still looks amazing. The rest of it… trashed. But I’ll buff out what I can. Should have done the rear bumper, Did a 2017 911 and drove it coast...
  8. computertom

    What are you paying to charge your Rivian?

    Dang these electrical rates are LOW! Our all in kW cost is roughly $0.266 here in Mass with no break for any time of day. This truck is expensive to run at about 16c per mile. My Bronco Raptor is about 20c per mile at today’s sub $3 gas prices. How the tables have turned!
  9. computertom

    Massachusetts 2022 R1T - Rivian Blue, 20" ATs, & Underbody - $84K obro

    So after not driving this nice truck for the last few weeks, I am now driving it again. Too nice to ignore, so the miles will be going up.
  10. computertom

    Official Announcement: R1S Max Pack/Enduro/390 mile range

    Now if only I could get a Max Pack for my bladder I’d be ready for anything…
  11. computertom

    Grayling Michigan 6 Station RAN now open

    Billing is the only thing that will actually be s00n…
  12. computertom

    Got 2.69 mi/kWh efficiency after 2023.2.3 software update

    That is crazy impressive! Assuming you’re on 21’s?
  13. computertom

    Massachusetts 2022 R1T - Rivian Blue, 20" ATs, & Underbody - $84K obro

    I daily my Bronco Raptor, but even that doesn’t move much as I work from home …. So miles on the Rivian haven’t moved, but I’m not saying I won’t drive it. It does unlock every time I go out to the garage and taunt me and it seems wasteful to never drive it as I do love the truck and the longer...
  14. computertom

    Home lifts that work?!

    I’ve got a Mohawk A-7 in my garage. Seems the weights around the Internet range from 6,950 to 7,150 or so. This is a 7,000 lb lift and lifts everything be thrown at it with ease, but I have zero plans to put the R1T on it. Not like I’m doing oil changes or working on the suspension…. I’ll...
  15. computertom

    Massachusetts 2022 R1T - Rivian Blue, 20" ATs, & Underbody - $84K obro

    2022 Rivan R1T Adventure Quad-Motor AWD w/Large battery pack (obviously :) ) Vin: 15,7XX Rivian Blue exterior Black Mountain + Dark Ash Wood interior 20" All-Terrain Dark wheels and tires w/Full-size spare Reinforced Underbody Shield w/Tow Hooks Manual Tonneau Cover - not included yet, but...
  16. computertom

    The Best EV Commercial During the Super Bowl

    My fave was the Ram REV commercial. Premature Electrification Got a laugh out of us.
  17. computertom

    Catastrophic Failure?

    The pick up line is the worst… that said, if it’s going to be a while (and it sounds like it will…), tell the SC you want a Rivian loaner. Pinch of sugar and all… they have them, just not enough of them for all the work they’re doing (at least at my local SC). They hooked me up and it was...
  18. computertom

    Will I hate life with a 76" tall garage door opening and an R1T?

    That’s a short garage. My truck on 20’s is 74+ to the roof in Conserve / Auto and the antenna is a few above that. I can’t see me getting it that low. Maybe on 21’s in kneel mode, but wow, that will get annoying. Going up and down is not instantaneous. Hopefully some low garage folks can...
  19. computertom

    How noisy is your front end?

    Commuted home in my R1T this evening. A few thoughts. It’s not “fixed.” It is definitely quieter than the loaner though. It was actually really good to have a comparison R1T for the last 8 days. They called it “normal”, but went through it… not really sure what that means. I took another...
  20. computertom

    Michelin Defender tires installed on 20" wheels

    It’s funny, I was all team 20AT until I’ve been driving around on 22’s for the last while with a loaner and the difference in efficiency has been staggering with much of my around town. I’m seriously seeing last 15 minute numbers I never, ever get within .5 of. It’s crazy. Has been much more...