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  1. Colorado Sold: Fs: new in box all weather mats (black logo)

    I'm selling a new in box all weather mat with black logo. $125 for a local pickup in the Denver area. Happy to meet up somewhere close by, at copper/winter Park, or somewhere in the front range i70 highway between Denver and the ski mountains!
  2. Low speed crunch/grind?

    Does anyone else experience the r1t have noises that coincidence with their speed that's similar to a crunch /slight grind? It aligns with motor/wheel speed. E.g. The slower you go the slower the sound. At highway speed it disappears? It's not all the time, but comes and goes...
  3. The good, the bad, the ugly - 2,600 mile round trip Denver to Michigan in the R1T

    The trip 2600 miles from Denver to MI with my r1t. I've already driven 4k miles prior to the trip, and prior to this had no material issues. My setup is 20" aftermarket ram 1500 wheels with a +18 offset that poke out an inch with blizzak winter tires. Oem setup is 21". Drove both ways entirely...
  4. New wheels tires rubbing in low/lowest suspension height

    Recently noticed that my tires are rubbing when I have my blizzak 275/65/r20 in low or lowest. These tires should be the same size as the oem set. Is anyone else getting the same issue in their oem or blizzak tires?
  5. Colorado Sold: Wtb 1 lug nut

    In my haste to put on my wheel, I didn't hand tighten the lug nut and cross threaded the nut with my impact wrench. I bought a cheap lug nut in the interim but hoping to buy an oem one. Please let me know!
  6. Non OE size winter tire

    Hey everyone. First time buying winter tires and wheels and have some questions I recently bought aftermarket 20"wheels and looking for some tires. I originally bought the blizzak lt 275/65/20 tire, but saw the blizzak dm-v2 275/60/20. It's slightly smaller than the oe size 20" but it's...
  7. Service Center now selling factory 20" OEM wheels for $2500 and TPMS for $500

    Had a talk with my Denver service rep and he mentioned they are now selling just 20" wheels for $2500 and tpms for $500. It takes a week or two to get them. A little too costly for my blood, but thought I'd pass it along
  8. Anyone try the smartliner weather mats?

    I am still waiting for my oem weather mats, but noticed that there is a 3rd party option available. It looks like it covers a lot more, but not sure how it looks and feels. Anyone have a pair from smartliner...
  9. Any recommendations for Denver to Detroit?

    Planning a round trip to drive from denver to Detroit. Any recommendations on route or places to go? Seems I can either go i80 or i70 with just 90mins difference between the two. Any route better from a charging perspective?
  10. Securing charging cable

    Are the charging cables provided by rivian lockable/secure when you are charging in public? Just wondering if that's something you need to worry about if you leave your car charging at a public outlet.