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  1. R1T Preds Fan

    Uh, you're gonna need a bigger garage!

    We swapped from the S as well and had to reorganize the garage and flip parking spots. Cause it was easier to do that than move my 1200lb safe 😂 I have just enough room to walk around the truck!
  2. R1T Preds Fan

    What do you use your R1T bed for? (Picture Edition)

    Bunch of equipment that I transferred to our Huntsville office Friday…
  3. R1T Preds Fan

    LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    Just finished a 300 mile trip today with the bed loaded down with equipment I had to transfer to another one of our warehouses… Great smooth trip with the bed full…
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    Alternative to Rooftop Tent -- Crua Culla Insulated Air Tent in R1T bed

    Completely agree with Brewbud if there are trees around I’m in my Hennessy Hammock! Best sleep I’ve ever had camping…
  5. R1T Preds Fan

    Turning Main Screen Off?

    Turned the brightness level all the way down to test today in both day and night modes; it was barely visible. I’m not sure how acute your condition is but this may be a passable option for you!
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    Range and efficiency on 21s WITHOUT Aero Covers???.

    We took our covers off at delivery and haven’t looked back… averaging between 2.1-2.6mi/kWh biggest factors being wind and speed…
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    What are you going to pull / tow with your R1T?

    We’ll be towing our Yamaha 212X this spring with our R1T!
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    Car Wash Mode Bug???

    Yea, either camp mode or pet mode will prevent the truck from going to sleep and disengaging car wash mode. But we treat it as if that mode is for automated washes only and just lock the truck and close the app before starting a hand wash. Has worked fine so far…
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    Almost finished with mods: PPF, ceramic coating, tints, mud flaps, sun roof shade (& more to come)

    This is the factory looking solution we’ve been waiting for and likely made of better materials! It looks great and sounds like it functions exactly how Rivians phantom manual cover would… Great looking truck!!!
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    Voltage drop when using onboard 120v outlet w extension cord

    I’ve got a 10g extension cord in my Amazon cart for exactly this reason to try and avoid the voltage drop… Both for use at the tailgate and in slow charging the truck from another outlet.
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    My custom Wooden Tonneau Cover

    I applaud the ingenuity! It’s great in that aspect; but I can’t believe it’s come to this on an $80k+ truck. To me it looks completely out of place… Again it’s not a knock on you; but rather Rivian for not having an actual proper solution that matches the trucks appearance as a whole. I’m...
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    12 volt frunk power outlet is back! > in my just-delivered 2023 R1T (mid 18000 VIN)

    Well we took delivery today! Love the truck; but no 12v and single magnet up front. I’d much rather have a tonneau cover tbh…
  13. R1T Preds Fan

    LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    Got her home! Just does fit in the garage!
  14. R1T Preds Fan

    DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    It’s certainly one of the higher end aftermarket options that would be available. But offers a good deal of theft deterrent paired with good quality materials and retains a better lockable function than a Tri-fold imo… Also nice that it is easily rolled out of the way rather than pulling panels...
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    Lighting or R1T, it all came down to just a few things for me

    There are several running boards out now to choose from.
  16. R1T Preds Fan

    DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    It would be sweet if they had a chance to fit and spec one to fit it exactly! Maybe I won’t have to go this route if the manual cover comes to fruition…
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    Your time from VIN to Delivery?

    Assigned a vin on Jan 24th and we pick up our truck on Thursday afternoon! It arrived at the SC around Feb 1st-2nd