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  1. Rivian Dad Episode: Recall #2 | Amazon Van | Compass Yellow R1S | White/White R1S | 120+ Rivians in the Denver Lot

    Denver is packed! Lot is full when I went for service today.
  2. Triple AAA for Tire Change ?

    Maybe op is like me and totally forgot about the included roadside service!
  3. Steep Declines - avoiding friction brakes

    I lose regen all the time driving down mountains in all weather scenarios. The characteristics of how/when have been changing with the recent updates. I will say that even when regen is cut down, there are still minimal regen levels so I don't gain speed. If anything it slows me down, slightly.
  4. Random 20 Inch rims (cheap) for snow tires

    Here are pics of mine before/after painting them!
  5. Any recommendation for washing?

    It's like blowing through a straw to dry your hair... I'm sure you could, but the sun/wind/air will dry faster than the air compressor.
  6. Any recommendation for washing?

    I spent 5 months without cerakote. The black trim gets faded and is near impossible to clean. Post cerakote, the car looks awesome and cleans better!
  7. Random 20 Inch rims (cheap) for snow tires

    Joelster is right. I have the ram wheels on my r1t. I just have the hub centric rings and it's clears the calipers no problem!
  8. 2023.6.2 OTA Update Released to Public

    I had similar experiences, but I think it's just the nav factoring in traffic.
  9. Version 2023.06.00 "Internal Beta" Software Update Notes

    It's crazy how frequent each update is and how they're making meaningful improvements each update. I know people are frustrated 'xyz' isn't fixed, but you gotta give credit to the rivian team for investing so much into these updates.
  10. Dash vibrating/humming during charge

    I will say, mine continued after dcfc for a few minutes, it didn't stop with charging.
  11. Dash vibrating/humming during charge

    I have the same issue. But this was on the prior software version and haven't really tried to dcfc with the new version. I brought it until the SC and also had wassym check it out on reddit (engineer who helps escalations in reddit). They said it was normal... But I had a ton of other issues...
  12. Regen reduction needs sound notification

    100%. Driving from a mountain you will see regen reduced on/off a lot. This chiming would drive me crazy if I couldn't turn it off.
  13. First Tesla Supercharger with "Magic Dock" CCS adapter successfully charged a R1T. This is fantastic!

    That would make a ton of sense. I wouldn't be surprised if they have majority of chargers be for tesla only and a small number be magic dock with bigger spots. Didn't think of that and that's a good compromise if that's what you're saying.
  14. First Tesla Supercharger with "Magic Dock" CCS adapter successfully charged a R1T. This is fantastic!

    Cable is still short... This going to be painful if the parking spot requires the rivian /or any other ev to park in the wrong spot to make the cable reach. Example is tesla port is back left, rivian is front left. Rivian may have to park one spot over to make the cable reach. If the spot...
  15. Winter Tire/Tire Exchange Saga - Keep getting the run around!

    As a Denver skier, I can only see the need if you're going through one of the passes or there is a massive storm on i70. I hit up WP and find that in the mornings whiles it's icy, there is one driver going 15mph and negates the real need for winter tires lol. There's been only one time this...
  16. Random 20 Inch rims (cheap) for snow tires

    I went this route. It works like a champ.
  17. Colorado Fs: new in box all weather mats (black logo)

    T. Thanks, didn't think of that