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  1. s00n

    Rivian Could Be on the Brink of a Huge Rally: Why It's a Buy Now (according to Motley Fool)

    Delivering all these post-Mar 22 R1s lately will definitely help Q1 numbers.
  2. s00n

    Shipping Cross Country - shipping company recommendations?

    Whatever you do DO NOT fill out any online forms for any shippers with email/phone. I made that mistake a few months back shipping a Cayenne and got 30-50 calls/day for 2 weeks straight and ~300 emails (they’re all on some kind of National listing) Great experience with...
  3. s00n

    Thousands of invites coming to R1T reservation holders to configure + take delivery in 1-4 months after order confirmation (3/10/23 News)

    Or the pretty standard build R1S I reserved 11/20, all while living .2 mi from Denver SC. Saying they're not prioritizing post-3/22 reservations for greater margins is nonsense.
  4. s00n

    Ineos Grenadier drive event

    Having seen these in person, very cool.. but in my opinion a missed opportunity not going EV
  5. s00n

    Conserve Mode: $125 a month tire cost!

    I was also told about conserve mode tire wear at Denver SC during the test drive. I hadn't thought about it before, and for this reason my rep said that's why he personally never uses conserve.
  6. s00n

    🎨 FOREST GREEN R1S Club & Photos

    Not mine, but a comparable Forest Green in Stealth, for those interested. Im personally on the fence!
  7. s00n

    Roof Rack + MTB ?

    While I can't find pics of the setup on an S, here's one from the Rivian website for the T. I assume the lifting/height would be the same. Still no S yet, but ordered some running boards, so that should probably help.
  8. s00n

    PC MAG: Rivian, Tesla, and Ford are embracing LFP batteries...customers aren't told which type they're getting

    So is there a way to tell if your battery is NCM or LFP? Article mentions you can find it in settings, but I think that was for Tesla.
  9. s00n

    GOAT Fabrication Rock Sliders

    Obviously the titanium bolt comment was meant as a joke. I might be convinced with thorough testing that these would work as rock sliders, I just wouldn't want to be the guinea pig.
  10. s00n

    GOAT Fabrication Rock Sliders

    The 'sliders' I had bolted to the frame exactly the same way (from the frame bracket into the body). The only reason I got rid of them was because I added a body lift which created a ~1 in gap between the 'slider' and the body, creating way too much flex/leverage at the bolt because it no...
  11. s00n

    GOAT Fabrication Rock Sliders

    The plate thickness wouldn't be the weak point, it's the leverage at the bolt head. Unless the inboard tube is resting on the tub somehow, all the weight on it could rip out/shear the bolts or dent the tub. In other words, the 'slider' would be the strongest part, the body/bolts the weakest...
  12. s00n

    GOAT Fabrication Rock Sliders

    Hmmm. With that mounting method, those look more like running boards than sliders to me.
  13. s00n

    No/Low Regrets Cost-Cutting Opportunities

    I think the same thing when I get into my ‘06 Jeep LJ - If I could electrify it for the price/range of an S I would.
  14. s00n

    No/Low Regrets Cost-Cutting Opportunities

    The first thing I said when I pulled out the camp speaker on the first mile drive was 'I can't believe this thing comes standard', and not in a good way. Love it, sharp design, will never use. They should've put a pull out drawer there (cup holders?) and had the speaker in the gear shop. And...
  15. s00n

    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    According to Dev, mine went from Apr-Jun 2023 to May-Jun 2023 Develop > Show Web Inspector > Just search "2023" and scroll til you find it.
  16. s00n

    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    My Apr-Jun 2023 delivery window was "Processing estimate" a few minutes ago, now back to Apr-Jun 2023 Edit: Ha, now back to "Processing estimate"
  17. s00n

    Roof Rack + MTB ?

    Again, trying to avoid a hitch rack. The vehicle will be used for short/intown drives so no problem having it mounted all the time. Wouldn't want to leave a hitch mount on there all the time - also the garage is tight and I don't really have a place to store it.
  18. s00n

    Roof Rack + MTB ?

    I haven't yet come across much info/first-hand experience on a rooftop bike rack setup for an R1S - has anyone done this? Ive seen quite a bit on R1T bed setups, but Im wondering if the lifting height would be an issue on an S, esp with a heavy-ish mountain bike. (I have the Rivian racks, just...
  19. s00n

    Rivian forgot the passenger side logo letters on my R1T

    I plan on taking both sides off, just another spot for dirt to collect. It already says what it is enough on it, doubt I’ll forget what I’m driving.