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  1. summer

    DIY/How-To: Copy/Clone TPMS

    I used TS408, it works well after upgrading the firmware
  2. summer

    Snow socks for the 20s.

    Thanks for sharing! Does this works with high suspension height in all purpose mode? Or have to be highest in off-road?
  3. summer

    Driving to Whistler (or Canada in general)

    I had the same trip on Thanksgiving with 21 tire. Charged for about 30% at Bellingham EA, and got whistler with about 20%-30% (don't remember exactly SOA). The hotel I stayed have a L2 charger so I just charged to about 95% before I leave for home. On my way back to Seattle, I had same short...
  4. summer

    Your experience stopping on snow, on a downslope hill?

    What if running 20 wheels without re-configure? Other than 3% off on speed odometer, is there any other impact?
  5. summer

    Snow Mode Needed! - My first snow drives in R1S and R1T

    For 20AT wheels with winter tires like Blizzak LT/Nokia LT3 installed, what tire pressure do you run? Still following OEM's recommend 48 PSI for cold tires?
  6. summer

    Snow Mode Needed! - My first snow drives in R1S and R1T

    Between Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10, Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV, Hakkapeliitta LT3, what are the pro/cons for using them on R1T with 20 inch wheels? or just choose whatever is available now :D
  7. summer

    20” Blizzak snow tires installed

    Can you tell any difference on road noise or riding comfort?
  8. summer

    Excessive motor whine around 30-40 Mph

    I drove a loaner R1T for two weeks while my truck was in service center, I can tell the loaner truck definitely have a louder motor noise at low speed comparing with my truck, it seems this could happen on any truck. Maybe check with SC to see if it’s “within spec”?
  9. summer

    Washington SOLD

    Storing two set of spare 20” tires in the garage is no joke 😅
  10. summer

    Washington SOLD

    Yes, tire only
  11. summer

    Washington SOLD

    $1500, pick up in Seattle area. Tires only, no wheels.
  12. summer

    20” Blizzak snow tires installed

    I called Rivian service center through the Rivian App today but was told only wheel+tire combo is available, so frustrating ...
  13. summer

    Custom Fit R1T Bedliner

    Looks pretty, thanks for sharing! Does this one also come with fastener tape? And is it easy to access spare tire? Thanks!
  14. summer

    【New Products OTW】We are BestEvMod(AOSK)! We made accessories, More Products OTW...

    I could also help to test the sunroof if needed
  15. summer

    DIY/How-To: Copy/Clone TPMS

    This is very helpful, thanks for taking time to put such a detailed guide!
  16. summer

    20” Blizzak snow tires installed

    That's exactly what I was looking into. I would like to order the same wheel and a set of winter tires from TR and have local discount tire install it, it would be great if you could share the contact, and perhaps link for TPMS and programmer?
  17. summer

    20” Blizzak snow tires installed

    This looks very nice! Where did get the TPMS from? And discount tire can mount the TPMS and program it for you?
  18. summer

    Homemade front license plate mount for tow hook

    This is awesome solution. Does your Rivian provided mounting plate come with screws? Mine doesn't, and I'm wonder what's size of screw. To put the bolt for securing the plate, do you need to cut through the plastic bracket in the back of the mounting plate?