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  1. Jehorton

    Keeping the truck in sport mode all the time?

    Does anyone here keep their rivian in sports mode? I’m curious if there is a negative to keeping the vehicle in sports mode other than lowering the range. I don’t drive far as is so range wouldn’t a worry.
  2. Jehorton

    Have VIN and guide and get this email

    I’ve been in constant contact with my guide after receiving my VIN and rough estimate of delivery at the end of January. I have been told my truck has been manufactured and is waiting to be loaded onto a train headed for Miami. I have my 8 steps completed that have to be completed. Today I...
  3. Jehorton

    Received a very low vin

    I recently switched my reservation from the R1S back to the R1T for personal reasons and received a vin at the beginning of the year. I was super excited and finished my 8 steps other than payment. It hit me to look at the vin and I notice it’s extremely low. 001***. Is this bad? I can only...
  4. Jehorton

    Trade in worth it?

    I’m finally in my 8 step process. I have my 22 model Y that I’ll be either trading in or private selling. Private sale price higher side has the vehicle going for roughly $60k. Trade in value on KBB has anywhere from $53k - $58k. Rivian offered me $51k today for my trade in. How much does this...
  5. Jehorton

    Advice on the best universal wall charger

    I’m about to order a wall charger in the next couple of months in preparation for a MYP. I don’t want to buy a Tesla charger as I plan to have different EVs including an R1S within the next decade ( hopefully ). Anyone have the best rated or top wall chargers? So far I have seen the Juicebox 40...
  6. Jehorton

    What would you do?

    Just hitting a point in the road where I can go two ways. With everything going on in the world today and gas prices through the roof, I’m contemplating trading in my F150 for a Tesla model Y while waiting for my R1S to deliver, whenever that may be. But I am having trouble either deciding to...
  7. Jehorton

    Nikola Delivers

    I’m just going to leave this here. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nikola-delivers-first-nikola-tre-battery-electric-trucks-to-total-transportation-services-inc-301447587.html
  8. Jehorton

    Can someone please tell me the difference between these wheels?

    I’m sorry for positing this but I feel like I have yet to see the 21” wheels without the aero covers. Can anyone tell me what wheels these are ? The r1s pictured wheels look like the 20” but what are the wheels on the R1t?
  9. Jehorton

    Any vehicle that is comparable to Rivian ?

    I am a late reservation holder and seeing as I probably won’t get a chance to purchase a rivian until 2023 possibly, looking at other options. I love the looks of the rivian and the power, but don’t think I’ll wait that long to buy. Also with inflation and the talks of raising the prices would...
  10. Jehorton

    Hello from Rivian’s newly opened Customer Engagement Center

    I feel like this email was in response to everyone blowing up their phone lines. Hah. Good job peeps
  11. Jehorton

    Financing options?

    Any idea on how Rivian will provide financing options? I see many people on this forum probably can flat out purchase these vehicles but for me I’d have to sell my current ICE and finance the rest. Curious to know if COX will be the one financing and how they currently go about the numbers and...
  12. Jehorton

    How excited is everyone?

    I can’t help but to watch the same YouTube videos of Rivian and instantly get completely recharged ( no pun intended ) on the idea of owning this vehicle ! I find myself just watching this truck and being so excited for the future. I’m sorry but I feel that Rivian and the Rivian way outweigh...
  13. Jehorton

    Rivian R1T size comparisons

    So my biggest draw back with the R1T is going from only having full size pickups ( f150 and f250 ) to a truck that was stated to be bigger than a midsize pick up. Just curious, I looked up available numbers on the R1T and some other 2020 pick up trucks on the market from what was on various...
  14. Jehorton

    Anyone worried?

    So I am in no means a wealthy person, not saying I am poor or even close to that, but paying for my 2018 f 150 was a decent chunk for me. My biggest worry here is I am planning to sell my very established ( and awesome 3.5 eco boost ) to get a BEV which considering is a new technology and one...