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  1. Rivianut

    My Rivian completely dead from ~40% vampire drain after a month long vacation

    I leave our Rivians plugged in when we leave on trips. One on the normal charger, the other on the 110V portable charger. Watching the car go to 0% while I’m away would give me serious anxiety.
  2. Rivianut

    Recall: Front Passenger Seat Belt System [Notice Received 2/28/23]

    My truck is in for some odds and ends along with a tire rotation. They’ll knock this out first thing in the morning if it needs parts they’ll keep the truck for an extra day. Miami SC has been fantastic to deal with. Really enjoying the truck and company.
  3. Rivianut

    Almost finished with mods: PPF, ceramic coating, tints, mud flaps, sun roof shade (& more to come)

    Any additional info on the sunshade? I’d like to buy one as well. Stays in place while driving? Thanks!
  4. Rivianut

    NEW PRODUCT! Rivian R1T Covers - Team 1EV BlackMaxx Rivian R1T Precision Fit Vehicle Cover

    Been waiting for someone to make this!! Ordering it soon! Thank you for coming out of the gate with a premium cover!!
  5. Rivianut

    ⚠️ Rivian Recall: insufficiently torqued front upper control arm & steering knuckle fastener [official torque value = 90 lb-ft / 122 Nm]

    I dropped by the Miami service center because I happened to be in the area. They handled it like pros and repaired some other issues I had. Recall fix was 10 minutes, my other issues were another 25 minutes. Really a great experience. Got to check out an R1S, really excited to take delivery of...
  6. Rivianut

    Looking for PPF & Ceramic Coating installer near WPB...

    I am looking at having Ocean Coast so tint and the front clip option. Will let ya know how it goes. What color R1T do you have? I’m in a Launch Green in downtown area.