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  1. Gearhead500

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Earth Day- More details about battery recycling/adding to the grid.
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    Dog accessories / features?

    Nope, R1T for me and Rex
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Calendar of events and communications to come in the future. Oh wait, it's Earth Day, not Feburary 30th...
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Stated in other thread. LE green until is see it. Otherwise Compass Yellow or El Cap maybe. Blue and Forest Green are so played out already 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    I’m team LEGreen till I switch to team Compass Yellow all the way.#Audacious#HeadTurner
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    I’ll go infotainment nav details
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    Who will get theirs first??

    Uh awkward. The answers ME. Thread closed but I’ll still offer to pick ya’ll up to check it out.
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    Sorry I could have mentioned Amazon. I brought it during COVID and it’s down 2% so I’m just sitting in it but could be moved to sell. GOOG - don’t want too many eggs in the tech basket but thanks Willl check out QuantumScape Thank you
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    Besides this vehicle, I’m particularly interested if anyone is investing in stocks. I’m bored of my portfolio but it’s doing well. So I’m looking for an investment opportunity. Own Delta, Apple, Disney, Honeywell, Microsoft, and Boeing with great returns. But I have some money I took out of the...
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    I don’t know about anyone else but business is picking back up. Getting my first vaccine. Feel like the country is opening back up. Feels like 🤞we can be back to normal by end of the year. Maybe it’s still the Puerto Rico trip and Phillies being 4-0 but I’m completely loving our outlook and...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    So my LE moved up from August till July? 👍
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    Bill of sale for rebate

    No sources so apologize. I remember them saying that they have two lines in Normal. One is for Amazon and the other is R1T/R1S based on body style. They also are looking for expansion of the plant already to enable other body styles/lines R1R.
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    Who is Buying This Vehicle?

    First EV. Just replaced roof and looking into solar and/or battery backup. Daily driver (20 miles each way in NE cold weather), but will use it for hauling crushed stone, filler, dirt, pallets of stone, 4x4’s etc... I do a lot of home projects. Background in tech but raised in construction...
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    Anybody want to sell their reservation for the launch edition?

    $115,000 This will afford me the kitchen, max pack(just a nice to have), all accessories, and a removable roof.
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    Flying back tomorrow for 40 degrees in Philly. Not ideal but it was fun while it lasted.
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    Rivian Warranty vs Other Auto Companies (Comparison + Chart)

    I feel like I was all-in on LE anyway, but as a first EV for me and first EV for them, this is a “security blanket” that is nice to have. makes me feel better moving forward. Long story short, I can t wait for June, July... RJ if you’re reading August 5ths my birthday. Please don’t let it slip...
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    Service info coming this week...

    Never had a Ford problem, but yada yada yada. Meh to each their own.
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Edit- dang it! You going away for two days and so far behind. Can’t keep up with my usual hourly refreshing.🤣 Mobile service details. RJ has stated a few times that this was important as well as charging options. So service is my guess...