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  1. txtravwill

    Thoughts on seeing a Rivian in person for the first time....

    Hey there, just want to say thanks as well for the great post. Even though going with a R1S now it was a nice read.
  2. txtravwill

    Who is Buying This Vehicle?

    My take after owning an S and X that I'd like to see Rivian do better on would be: 1. Better build quality. Was horrible with both for 100K+ cars. Literally seats coming unbolted, gaps, seals falling off, misalignments, windows cracking themselves, etc. 2. Better Service. Due to above...
  3. txtravwill

    How long is "longer range" R1S - any intel?

    Where do you get this. Very flawed article. They changed the order of release for R1T but haven't backed off 400+/300+. On the R1S, 300+ is still available at launch edition well. Key here is we learn if 300+ means around 300 which would be great. In face, companies like GM/Porsche have...
  4. txtravwill

    Adventure vs Explore RS1

    i live in TX, and the ventilated (hopefully with AC) is a must. Hope not like Tesla did on our X with just horrible little fans that sucked (literally).
  5. txtravwill

    Possible Power Tailgate for R1S??

    our X5 has the manual bottom and powered top. Have always liked it a lot. Half the time ya don’t open the bottom part.
  6. txtravwill

    Chicago Tribune Article With Great Factory Updates and Photos!

    Seem as if the entire roof is a single unit placed on top of the painted frame, thus ending up with a black top visible from the side. That would be a great efficiency if they pop on the entire roof with both 1st/2nd row and 3rd row glass panels all at once.
  7. txtravwill

    Chicago Tribune Article With Great Factory Updates and Photos!

    Somewhat agree here. Knowing the 100s and 100s of job openings they have and then seeing the factory pictures which is more open space versus a very organized robotic/person production line by looks makes it seem that they are quite a ways off from "mass" production. I.e. hopefully they aren't...
  8. txtravwill

    R1S and R1T increases in width?

    yeah our 21 F150 is like 83” with folded mirrors. Glad we have some width in the R1!
  9. txtravwill

    Q&A session with a Rivian Guide

    Id just hope you could turn off the sound in places like home or private/rural areas. I live on land and don’t want to make noise at slow speeds to bother others. All we hear is the wind typically at best.
  10. txtravwill

    Anybody want to sell their reservation for the launch edition?

    Like any completely new model with constraights, you'll see some eBay/other listings for them well over selling price. I.e. you can't sell/transfer your reservation, but I'm sure a number of people will take delivery and then sell their car after that at a premium. $20K over, $25K over, more...
  11. txtravwill

    Official Rivian Insurance Info Announced!

    Yeah, it's a pain. Tesla is moving to a lithium 12v also which is great now. I'd love if Rivian had already done the same or figured out that issue :-)
  12. txtravwill

    Official Rivian Insurance Info Announced!

    Well they say they will be using partners. So I’m assuming that if it is the same underwriter they are likely using for Auto, then you could get a good discount between home, car, and multiple cars. It should be similar to the partner they are using behind the scenes; Allstate, Farmers, State...
  13. txtravwill

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    I bet they will unveil something like a fully integrated insurance program similar to Tesla but better where you can have all your policies, they use their Driver+ for discounts, etc. (hehehehe)
  14. txtravwill

    2nd/3rd Row Questions

    So I just switched over to the R1S launch edition versus R1T since we needed a truck sooner rather than later. Have these questions been answered yet on the R1S? 1. Is there 3-4 zone AC controls? 2. I saw vents behind the front console in the video AJ lays down in with the seats folded flat...
  15. txtravwill

    Chase Auto Financing Rates now available for 2022 Rivian

    They kinda suck in the fact that if you put more down, and say finance 55k or so then the rate goes up to 3.04%. Sheesh seems like risking less would bring it down instead.
  16. txtravwill

    Texas EV Direct Sales Hearing Next Week. Come Show Your Support!

    What day is the in person R1T there? We are in the area next week 22-25 as relocating permanently to the hill country outside of Austin (Marble Falls).
  17. txtravwill

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    same, had it selected but after real life in the Sun pics switched to white. So difficult!
  18. txtravwill

    Who will get theirs first??

    I'm a bit more stoked now. Had chosen the R1T with max pack which moved me to a January 2022+ delivery date and lost the whole launch edition. Since we need a truck for long-range this Summer we ended up getting an F150. Thus, Rivian was nice enough to change our preorder back to an R1S, and...
  19. txtravwill

    HELP NEEDED for TX Direct Sales Effort

    Thanks for the notice, will help out - ridiculous old ways on the books.
  20. txtravwill

    400+ Escalade EV for 2021— what does this forum think?

    It’ll definitely be 100K+. the Lyric will be the still pricey more affordable Cadillac EV and still pricey itself.