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    Chicago Tribune Article With Great Factory Updates and Photos!

    It seems a bit disconcerting at this point in time that they still look like they are hand-building units one at a time? Unless maybe that is their plan and to slowly implement the actual production line over the rest of the year? Their alignment process looks extremely basic. I'm hoping they...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I had thought how great it would be also to have an electric cooler in the concern was how do you disperse the heat? This is the response I got from Bryan (CS). In terms of the front trunk, there is a 12v outlet that can found in this area of the vehicle, however, there is not a...
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    What size is the AC aux power inverter in the R1T?

    I asked Rivian a month or so ago, if similar to the new Ford F-150 Hybrid if I could power some items in my camper? Actually, the F-150 could power everything including my A/C. The response I got back was there are only 2 -110 outlets in the bed and no it is only meant to power small...
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    V2H Bi-Directional Charging

    Update: Delta Electronics (Americas) called me back. They said the Delta V2X will not be available for another year in the US. My situation maybe a very specific need. I live on the coast in NC. It seems we get a least 1 hurricane a year that will take out power for 2-4 days. In our area...
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    V2H Bi-Directional Charging

    I asked Rivian about V2H and sent them this particular device...below is Rivian’s response. Hello Eric, Thank you for the reply, and though using a Rivian as a "power wall" is possible, however, we will be sharing more details about Rivian vehicles and their charging capabilities soon. I'll be...
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    V2H Bi-Directional Charging

    I saw a few of us had an interest in using our Rivian's as battery backup for our homes, especially for areas prone to storms and power outages. I found this product today and I've reached out to the company to see if it's actually on the market yet. This unit can deliver up to 10 kW peak...
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    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    Do any of know. So my situation living on the coast of NC, hurricanes. I have a smaller back up generator and lock out main panel, so I can run on NG and power most everything. V2H would be awesome, simpler and possibly more power than I currently have. What is required from Rivian to make...
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    New April 1st Email from Rivian Answers Many Lingering Questions

    Is anyone else curious about the AOL? I guess I didn’t realize AOL even existed anymore.
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    Tesla, Rivian in court over trade secrets

    Round #1 for Tesla?
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    Real Photos & Videos

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    Rivian's impact on Normal [CNN article]

    If Rivian succeeds, and I believe they will, they will only be the 2nd New American Auto company (Tesla being the 1st) in 100 years! Being from the midwest, I love what they have done in Normal, IL!
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    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    Exactly what is wrong with our society today.
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    Potential place in production/delivery line!

    I have pre-order on R1T Max... I asked the same thing since it’ll be into 2022 at least before I get a truck. Would I be contacted by a Rivian guide? the CS said yes sometime in May. I was thinking not until 2022.
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    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    Lol...that's why I'm keeping my CyberTruck reservation!
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    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    Well said. I doubt RJ has ever been camping, thus he imagines camping in a R1S carring no gear with you. It's all marketing hype.
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    Can we talk about range again?

    I have an R1T Max on Pre-order. My guesstimate for travel is ~240 miles of max range, so in-line with your estimate.
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    What's your next car after Rivian?

    I’d really like to test drive an Aptera! Looks like a pretty cool vehicle.
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    Powering my RV A/C

    Per Rivian’s web site and confirmed with CSR, the bed of the R1T only has 2-110 outlets. Any thoughts on why no 20 or 30 amp (TT-30R) outlet? It seems like a big missed opportunity. I’d love the ability to plug in my small camper while traveling or overnight parking.
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    HAVE YOU HEARD FROM RIVIAN YET?? "Rivian has begun notifying R1T reservation holders"

    Just the email today. I did chat with Caitlin @ Rivian today. I said I have a pre-order on a R1T but for a Max pack. I said, I still have a ton of questions, will I be waiting until 2022 to get more answers? She said I would still hear from a Guide in May even though I'm not a LE customer.