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    anyone else hate the 20" R1S wheels?

    The 20" All-Terrain on the R1T is their best looking wheel IMHO. I sure wish they offered it on the R1S. Otherwise it will be order what is cheapest and go aftermarket.
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    Service info coming this week...

    I agree with you. I am not a fan of Ford either. The hope is that these vehicles would need such little maintenance that one would never/rarely have to use them for service. If I could order online and pick one up at the local Ford dealership...I would be fine with that.
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    Service info coming this week...

    I don't know why Rivian doesn't partner with Ford for service and "sales" This gives them access to existing infrastructure and they avoid the lawsuits about direct to consumer sales. All they would need is a kiosk with pamphlets in the store......
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    Rivian Camp Kitchen won't prevent use of gear tunnel

    I was going by what a quick google search returned. Just did another one and here is an 1800 watt one for $139. regardless, $5000 is just ridiculous. Since it is simple plug and play, I am sure someone will offer other options once the Rivian one is released to see how they designed it.
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    Rivian Camp Kitchen won't prevent use of gear tunnel

    Induction cook tops are cheap, like a double burner can be had for under $100. $5,000 is highway robbery. $1500 max is what it should be.
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    roof shade/cover?

    Among the unique features on the Rivian, the roof was one that I was personally excited about. Now hearing that it sounds like it is scraped is somewhat disappointing. Sunroofs are typically things people pay extra for but in reality, rarely use. I know that most times I have mine closed...